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Japfest 2 Donington Park 17th August 2014 Sign Up Closed


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Club Benefits
• Discounted entry tickets
• Vehicle pass gaining access to the showground to display your car
• Beat the traffic with access to the show hours before the public
• Special club offers from our partners
• Dedicated club track sessions at a discounted rate

Every car club booked for this year’s show will have their club name and website/forum listed on our new Club Directory, with the aim to engage with our audience and potentially drive new members to your clubs. Please make sure you book your space early to avoid disappointment.
To enter Japfest and to display your car you will need to purchase a vehicle pass. This
includes entry to the show and costs £15.50 per car. Each vehicle booked is allowed to
bring passengers at no extra cost, up to a maximum of 4 people per vehicle.



Sign up Closed 


1: Boots819 
2: RB318  
3: Gambit  (Thunderbird 1)
4: tom_gr7
5: Curtisstanway24
6: Scooby Pete
7: 32JJon
8: King^Lee
9:  Gambit2nd (Thunderbird 2)
10: RobC92
11: Dan 
12: Bandit

13: cheech

14: Gavladsleeds

15: Bazza

16: Stotty

17. Matt (maybe)







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It's a Subaru it will be fine it has the right to stand by all the others on our stand :)

And to be fair it's a good day really I'm sure you will be fine as RB has said it's not that bad. And I think it's the only way to really enjoy these events. And for £20 you get everyone in ;) 

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hi gambit i defo would like to attend this show ....i to like gem have doubts my car is good enuff to be on a stand at present but no better place to be get lots of ideas chat with club members over a couple of beers...so would like to attend buddy .........is this show a single day can i camp any were day before thinking bbq couple of beers 

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Nobody should worry about their car on the stand hell mine has a crack on the front bumper and a massive scuff on the back one still. If I go I will try get them sorted but if I don't get chance I will still stand :D 

As with the club the events will be done the same in the aim everyone is all equal no matter about the car the idea is to meet people enjoy the day and just take part to have a good day.


And to answer the other questions 

Yes it's just one day event 

No you can't camp on the event. But I'm sure there will be places around you can. 

BBQ aren't allowed either on the event. insurance reasons :) But I'm sure most campsites won't mind you having one and a few beers. 

I know RB and a few are on about meeting up at Castle Combes before the event. So I'm sure it will be the same for this too :) 

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