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Would anyone be interested in a Buttertubs and/or Whitby day?

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Hi guys. I've been a member of the FocusRSOC owners club for 4 years now, and in May I'll be handing over the keys of my latest RS with a heavy heart for the new WRX Sti as it's time for a change.

I've been involved over the years with organising a few RS club days, and was wondering what the interest would be among Subaru owners for a Whitby day, and a Buttertubs run day (visiting Tan Hill - the highest pub in Britain)

I've always enjoyed the getting together/meeting new owners, followed by a bit of sensible driving, enjoying the North Yorkshire scenery, and making passers-by smile at the convoy of performance cars going by.

Would you all support something like this?

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Definitely!! Especially if you've got the new STi then too, be good to have a nosey ;)

I've had a driving day around those areas in a group once before and it was one of best days out I've had. Some awesome roads, little to no speed cameras or traffic and great scenery. Count me in.

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2 half hours for me 100 miles to Whitby just had a look :)


I'm looking at 56miles, so If I can make the date I'm in :)


I've got a mate, with a white Peugeot 207 GTI, that would like to come. Would everyone be fine with this?

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I'd say the more the merrier.

It's about 2hours away for me too. Last time I went for a drive along Buttertubs and the surrounding area we started off in Carlisle which is about 3 hours from me. Was out driving for around 12 hours straight lol. It was well worth it then so an hour shorter journey to the start suits me fine. :)

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To be honest guys, the drive up to Tan Hill, followed by the Buttertubs is a lovely drive. Normally after the Tubs comes a drive into Hawes before driving back along some cracking roads to Leyburn heading back to the A1 at Leeming. The meeting point is in Richmond, not far off the A1, in a big Supermarket carpark, where we then set off towards Tanhill by driving up to a place called Reeth.

It's the sort of day that doesn't need daft/fast driving as the scenery is so stunning.

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