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Forester 2.5 XT which fuel do you recommend.

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Yesterday I purchased a  2005 Forester 2.5 XT with Prodrive Kit.




Forgot to ask the seller what fuel he preferred to use and I have around 2 gallons left in the tank so I want to make the right choice form the start.




Is it highly recommended that I use a premium unleaded fuel in the XT or can I put some supermarket unleaded fuel in and use a suitable Octane Booster each time?. 




The closest Shell garage is around 6 miles out of the way from us whereas Morrisons,  Asda and Tesco are on my daily route.




What other brands would be suitable ie: Tesco Momentum 99?.




Thank You 





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There is a thread about this somewhere, general consensus is v-power but anything 99 ron is just as good really so Tesco should be fine, lots of members use it because it is closest.
Heres the thread


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I use tesco standard in my N/A forester and actually seem to be getting better mpg than when I use Shell. Car runs well too, so you should be fine with tesco momentum :)

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Tesco Momentum is good plus easy get. I use it in 2 of my own turbo cars, one being a GTiR with stock pistons but boost at 1.3bar, used momentum when it was mapped without complaints & seems fine on it. Most street pump fuels are quite equal but Tesco fuel don't sound so good so not talked about so much as Shell .

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