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The start of an EPIC journey

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Thanks for the welcome guy's ,got the Subaru bug a couple of years back when I picked up a 2001 Legacy 2.5 GX ,great car ,not the fastest but good handling and air suspension was very comfortable (till it broke as they inevetably do but got it sorted) so thought I would go for an Impreza as a bit of a project and what I hope will be my Weekend toy when done .

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Made a start at the weekend with a minor issue where rust was starting to bleed down the back from the spoiler so whipped it off to find the washers that are between the spoiler and the tailgate had rusted through and had started to corrode the holes where the bolts connect through .Rust proofed the tailgate holes and top coated removed old washers from spoiler and replaced with rubber ones and sealed on refitting .Should last a while now.post-2465-0-59550400-1401226375_thumb.jppost-2465-0-89009200-1401226411_thumb.jppost-2465-0-28560800-1401226451_thumb.jppost-2465-0-47760200-1401226517_thumb.jppost-2465-0-70804700-1401226560_thumb.jp

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Finally had some time to get dirty with Subo (as the wife calls her !! ,much better looking than the Britain's got talent winner and sounds better too) .Decided to have a clear out of the rear arches to see if I could find the root cause of the classic arch rust problem .



A lot of the old stone chip protector had fallen off or was very loose so came off really easy so stripped it all off and degreased ,surprisingly the seat belt anchor points were in good nick (common MOT failure point on these so lucky there) .Removed strut which was really easy ,soaked strut bolts in WD40 every day for 3 days helped ,top suspension mounts only light rust , the problem seemed to be where the inner arch meets the top mount there is a seam which over the years had accumulated lots of muck and had started to rust through only a small hole (5p size) so treated as best I could as it's a booger to get to and filled with liquid cavity wax ,sealed then painted over with 2 coats of Hammerite .



Finally coated with Waxoyl stone chip guard .I know this probably won't last forever but I will keep my eye on it and if rust comes back in the next year or two I will have to cut it out completely and try to weld a plate up there but it really wasn't that bad so fingers crossed.



Drivers side to do next ,I hope it's in the same condition as I was expecting the worst after 20 years of water ,muck and salt .So a bit of a tip for anyone buying an Impreza just put you hand up into the rear wheel arch and feel the outer side of where the strut goes up to see if you have got any potential problems lurking up there ,if you've got really bad rusty arches I think this might be one of the causes.

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Well here i am again after 6 months of blood ,sweat and tears (mainly blood after smacking my head changing the back box ((original spec of course)) and I'm all done ,car taxed ,mot'ed and insured (cheap as chips through Footman and James) went through mot with no advisories ,well impressed .LOVE this car ,my first turbo and yep it puts a smile on your face every time you hit 3000 rpm ,worth all the late summer nights sitting with a beer in hand wondering why revs were bouncing all over the place (simple ecu water temp sensor change £23) now runs as sweet as a nut.I recommend these cars to anyone thinking of a project as parts are cheap ,easy to obtain and the cars themselves are easy to work on (well relatively !!).post-2465-0-66680800-1415999328_thumb.jp

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