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Impreza Coolant leak


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I have just bought a 1997 Impreza WRX STI GC8E, Japanese import. Upon taking it for its MOT its started leaking coolant from the radiator. I am looking to replace the rad, is  there any difference between the JDM impreza and the english model Impreza? all of the aftermarket radiators that i have seen are labeled 1992-2000, Are they the same across all models? also where is the best/Cheapest place to get a reasonable quality radiator? any help would be much appreciated 


Thanks Stephen

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

you're right there the same depending on the years 

Are you after 2nd hand rad if you are I'd speak with Sak here  

tell him you're from S.O.C should do you a good deal ;) 

or for new ring Importcarparts you can say your from here not sure if it will help get any discount but worth a shot :) 

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Hi n welcome to soc .

Classic rads are the same although uk cars only have 1 fan attached to it , whereas your sti should have 2 [emoji6]

I've got a nearly new rad sitting here (suffolk) let me know if your close enough to collect it .

As I can't be assed to post it

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 Thanks for all the quick replies, was very helpful.

 Found this on eurocar parts. http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Subaru_Impreza_2.0_1998/p/car-parts/car-cooling-parts-and-car-heating/cooling/car-radiator/?203800020&1&21241244379011783638039d33e72b2de4abbdb6&000261

is this the right part or am I not that lucky?


      Cheers Steve.

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Does look right from the picture did you put the reg into to find the part ? But I'd recommend giving them a ring there pretty good euro car parts I have used them for a few things even deliver to me if they have it in store local and passing my house to the local garage  :D 

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Quick update.

The Eurocarpart radiator was unsuitable. While it did fit by swopping the top and bottom mountings off the old rad, the small inlet pipe at the top from the header tank was blocked off inside (I flushed it with a hose before fitting it). Took it back to Euros and they found the others in stock were the same. Said it was probably from a faulty batch? and gave me my money back. All good.

Anyway, found a company called Arrow Radiators from Melksham who supplied a new one for just under £100. Still had to swop the top mounting plate, but then it fitted straight in.


Thanks for all your assistance.



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