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2001 bugeye wagon build and modifications.

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Hi and welcome to the build of my bro's 2001 Subaru buyeye wagon  wrx 2.0t (ej205).

He got the car with 114k on the clock and run sweet as a nut with the body work being the only let down but for a 13y old car it was not to bad.


He only wanted to do a couple bits to it like new alloys panel filter back box and sound system.

It basically went further and we done a lot more like disk and pads, lowered, full exhaust, big sound system, dump valve and this we thought was it until a trip to Santa pod fast show.


 whilst there we got a remap from REDBITZ well we thought we did but recently found out that they !Removed! us over and did not put any map on it as was recently told and shown buy jolly green monster Simon.


After getting back from pod my bro wanted to invest a little and get a bit more power from the car so we made a call to rogerclark and went with the following


sti mani with pink 550cc injectors and tumbler delete kit

rcm 11mm head stud kit

rcm head gaskets

rcm complete gasket kit

rcm fuel pump

rcm stage 1 lightened fly wheel

exedy organic clutch

three bond

ngk stage 1 spark plugs

samco intake pipe

samco coolant hoses and oil hoses

Jdm sti inter cooler and y pipe

k&n typhoon induction kit with standard cold feed with added bend

full service


Then my bro had to stay away from boost for a week until it was mapped at surrey rolling road with Simon jolly green monster and produced a nice 279.4 at the wheels 354.4 at the flywheel.


Another trip was made to the japshow at santa pod and went up the strip a 4 times and met 2 nice guys with a blob eye wagon full decat system and remap at 261whp and a classic wagon standard.

we raced the blob eye and beat him by about half a length at 14.7secs which was poor and then our second run against a ep3 and smashed him and got a 13.7 at 99mph well 98.75.

from this we was not to happy for time and money spent so have decided to take it a bit further.


we are now seriously looking at taking it to the 400whp mark as my bro has just got a power machine fiat sequento abath for a run around whilst we do the upgrades.

here are our pics from the stage we done the car.















































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Finally got a build thread done with the help of savage bulldogs.

have missed a couple bit like the boost gauge install which my bro said really helped for the week driving of boost.

the big wide rotas was whet he sent back for the more practical 7.5" rotas and suites nice and are very light to me.

the silver civic in the pic is what we smashed and done 13.7 at 99mph.

still have a load more pics if people would like any more of parts and any help. 

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will be doing the lot next as made the call to rogerclark today and it will be the price of another car for the next mods just lloking into it a bit more.

Looking at a rcm 400 billet 58mm ceramic turbo :rolleyes:

new short block sti with forge internals good for 450bhp.


anyone have any tips or experience with this turbo

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Don't know much about the rcm stuff to be honest ,although most of their stuff is good .the only rcm bits I've got is the oil and fuel pump .

Have a look at the "scooby clinic" range of turbos they have some good results , for stock location turbos .

Have you thought about a alcertek ecu as you can run duel maps (have one with a meth mix for the strip ) anti lag and launch control .

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I can 100% recommend the rcm stuff and service and the postal is crazy fast usually within 2 days.

we have had bad experience with Scooby clinic as for a really odd reason.

we wanted to get the car mapped with them and dyno run but tried to inform us to change our new upgrades and they wanted to do the work like we did not no what we was doing so gave up with them. might have caught them on a bad day tho but will still have a look at their turbos.

any ideas on how much a alcertek ecu is and does it come with a base map or would we just plug it in just before we map it.


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I've heard mixed reviews about scooby clinics work and have never delt with them myself tbo.

As for their turbos there blouch units , imported from the states and re branded as "s.c turbos" . The average hp for each turbo is in the name of each one of the range .

Ie a sc 46 would be 460 hp or more , they're also available with a few optional extras (billet wheels ,ceramic coated hotside ect ) and seem to have very good reviews on most forums.

As for the alcertek ecu's I think they're about £1 k to buy and have to be mapped in .

Tbo simon would be the best person to advise you in that department imo .

Best of luck and keep us updated fellas

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Yeah we was not treated as customers from them which my brother cant stand.

told my brother about the ecu's and that he could have 2 maps one for every day and the other for anti lag and launch control and was interested till the price was mentioned :unsure: 

also the fact he has just paid for his ecuteck licenced to map again.

still looking into whats the best option weather to go with a slightly bigger turbo like rcm420 and looking for a complete sti gearbox and running gear if anyone no's of a good condition one that's not been ragged to fook :D 

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I will admit I've read a few comments of similar scenarios with s.c , but as I said before I personally wouldn't know as I haven't delt with them .

You could recoup some cash on the ecutek'd ecu by selling it on ,but I'm fairly sure that you can have duel maps with ecutek software anyways.

just don't think it does anti lag and launch ,yet again simon's the man to ask [emoji6]

I will have a uk(3.5.4 ratio) bug eye sti 6 speed box with matching diff for sale (once we eventually find the time to break my brvs classic sti)

Due to being in his early classic it's running the r160 shaft/diff set up so would mate up with your wrx existing hubs /driveshafts .

I'm based on the suffolk /essex border but, currently sitting by the pool in corfu [emoji41]

I assume that you'll be building the new block first so you can fit the 6 speed to it and drop them in together .

So if you're not in a major pannic drop me a pm and when I get back I'll check with my brv for price , timescale for breaking and test drive .

All the best clive

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back from the dead ;).

my brother decided to not fork out on his wagon and went for the option of getting a sti and build our way up we had a look around but no luck.

then found a mega blob eye running some serious power was up for 10k think it was on a gt30 and like 485bhp loads of carbon fiber parts and on rotas with a lot of purple items might now be on here now .

we have been looking on the bay for ages and cam across a bugeye s202 imported from japan and is spot on just awaiting paper work to be sorted then a remap on uk fuel and then to see how that goes :D

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Hi Guys, we are back! Got the S202 in our possesion now and just been on the track at Japfest. This was to rest her handling and then from there decided on mods as she is held back alot. 

So here we go again one year later. Lets dance ;)

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You lucky lucky buggers to have a s202 jdm import the starting specs are so good pictures please , already has a nitrated crank higher rev limit and so much more track machine .............................

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Hay nice to see another islander! im guessing this is the white s202 kane was showing me pictures of?

very nice motor indeed! look forward to seeing and hearing more about it.

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Sorry guys late reply.

Luke replying now and to say the least there's been a lot gone on since rob got the s202 standard. 

Now running 425 with syvecs and md321 turbo, 8 maps and anti lag. Much more 

Rob also blew up the wagon and got bottom end knock with it running the 354bhp and also from the block going and putting metal fragments around the oil system it broke the vf34 we put on from new. So We put in a brand new ej207 block from icp, the vf34 from the s202 and done couple more bits to it and then a fresh map for new block and made 350ish rob knows the figures. 

I have also got myself my 1st scoob a UK2000 wagon turbo.standard but with couple issues and only a straight through down pipe, centre section to a jap can. 

Ive done couple bits so far like 35mm lowering, robs old gra rot alloys, crystal side lights, splitter, sti seats, couple others bits. 

Will do a separate post for my issue I am having with my wagon. 






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