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Shell not sending Vouchers?


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Does anyone else have this issue?


Since having the scoob (mid-late FEB) I've been collecting points, had well over 2000k. Vouchers are supposed to be sent every quarter along with a quarterly statement. Shell are flipping useless and aint sent any vouchers whatsoever. Despite telling me a few months back that they are sending them out in June. But no, no vouchers arrived (they removed a load of my points though).


So I've been on to them again, apparently they did send them in June. Yet nothing has come and they have said it will take them 28 days to investigate and decide whether or not they are going to reissue the vouchers.


Shell, that is not how you look after your customers. Especially ones that are happy to buy a full tank of your premium fuel on a regular basis.


Jesus christ,


Rant over.




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Yeah i get the offers on a weekly basis, they clearly want our money. Shame there isnt really an alternative to Vpower. :(

Get a remap done for regular unleaded, not the best solution but would save at least 8p per ltr.

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I got a reply from them.


"Thank you for your correspondence to the
Shell Drivers’ Club.

I can confirm that 800 Shell Drivers’ Club points have been re-credited to your account for the undelivered June 2014 statement with £4.00 worth of Money off Fuel
vouchers since we are unable to re-order the vouchers manually less than £10.00.


Please allow 5 days for these points to be updated on the web site.


I am pleased to confirm that your points balance, as of 29/07/2014 is 2146 Drivers’ Club points."


So erm... anyone think Shell will convert those 2000 points into a 20 quid off voucher? or will they not bother to send the next lot of vouchers either...

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I have been using Tesco Momentum 99 in my Forester 2.5XT following some advice from the SOC and that seems  to run OK.

Happy to use Momentum 99 as the nearest Tesco is virtually around the corner from where I work whereas the nearest Shell station is miles away.



We were away on holiday in Lincolnshire last week and had to put £10 worth of Tesco 95 RON in on Thursday as the local Tesco Supermarket didn't sell Momentum 99 :(


Couldn't find a petrol station locally that sold premium unleaded.  Did see some nice WRX's parked up so perhaps should have asked the owner where they fill up.



 Next day on our journey home we took a different route which allowed us to call into a Shell station and filled up with V Power in order to hopefully upgrade the 95 RON fuel.



At the point of refueling I noted the mileage covered and the fuel used and my Forester is averaging around 33 MPG ( driving steadily ) which isn't bad really.




I have since registered with the Shell Drivers Club for when we are away on holiday but think that I will mainly  still use Momentum 99 just because it is just more convenient to get hold of.

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