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What Discounts would you like to see?


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As many of you are aware we have been working hard to get some good discounts for members and have reached out to some cool companies. 


We recently got an exclusive deal with Halfords and Merlin Entertainment for all the theme parks in the UK and more on the horizon.


Now the time has come to ask you guys what you would like to see in the members discount scheme? Please see the following which could help us


1. Products you would like see discounted on the club

2. Companies you would like us to possibly approach.

3. General Feedback of the current discount suppliers or any useful feedback to help us improve.


To see the list of current suppliers please visit http://www.jaguarownersclub.com/discounts/



Please spare us a few mins and give us some ideas or feedback by filling the form in below (some mobile users may not see the form)

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Yup decent tyres with discounts would be useful but I understand they don't make that much on tyres as it is and the business model is about having them fitted to stay afloat

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I'm waiting to hear back from Subaru UK and Pro-R

As in the dealer network ?

Would be good to get a little off genuine parts, I normally ask when I'm in sometimes it works sometimes not depends on how much I'm spending

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