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justy? love it or hate it??


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After driving behind one they look smart never driven one so couldn't say if it was a car for me to love. I think Subaru UK should invite me to test drive all their cars. Purely for educational purposes, and a long extended run in the new STI :)

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The details I've just got off the side wall of the tire are:

165/70 r13 79t

Once upon a time I knew what these ment. It's like figuring out algebra for the first time a over lol

I think the wheels are 13 at the moment.

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Yea the rear windows sticker is a bit tatty, so I'm gonna replace it. Already got one ordered (what's the best way to remove windows stickers without damaging the windows??)

It's got the world rally team decals on the side and the Scooby badge at the front. I love the fact is has no badges on the back :)

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