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Project Blobeye


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So I've had my 55 plate wrx blob eye since June but had a few teething problems to start with no thanks to the scummy garage I bought it from but managed to get it all sorted after the usual back and forth and a few waits... just awaiting the RAF pilots to bomb the garage now as a secondary objective on their next missions to isis. Think I made a thread about it when I first joined but left it to rest... 


Been enjoying the car since and getting a good feel for it as it was mostly stock. Only parts modified before I took ownership was stage 1 exeedy clutch & flywheel, coilovers, a few small bits I spotted like braided flexies & grooved discs with Brembo pads and a full exhaust system which I have no idea what brand or who made it but it gives out a deeper tone to the usual louder exhausts I hear popping round the roads by the garage I work in...

Quite like it as it's abit different but it's not got any bolted sections through it, all welded so if I desired to remove the mid cat in the future it would become a messy job - would probably end up forking out for a new full system.


So after the original scoop flew off and arguing with the garage for some time I got a new sti scoop sprayed up and fitted in the end which I'm happy with and just this week started a few of the simple mods like fitted a gfb dump valve, front strut brace, stripped headlights for detango, satin black respray & refitted with silvertec indicator bulbs front & rear, 'i' grill badge, mud flaps, front bumper lip and was going to put some red hella horns in but the ones that were sent had discolouration so sent them back for replacements.


Anyway I'll quit the babble here's a few pics to show my early progress - haven't decided how far I'm going to go with it yet performance wise but here it is so far.


Next plans are to fit 1 pod or two on the pillar for boost and...? A nice head unit & the sti rear wing if I can find a good one matched up to my paint from a breaker.

New dark gunmetal alloys to replace gold oem set? Or scabby set for the winter to save the gold set as they are basically scratch free...






I will take some proper pictures when its sat at the Squires jap meet next week if I make it in time.

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I have been quiet but busy since my last post; Treated her to new wheels & tyres, the sti style wing, front winglet spats, new plates and a new buddy inside.

Next plans are to tinker with the camber and ride height and a few small cosmetics (front splitter, fog light covers & front wing canards) then start moving onto performance parts.













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Here is a little time line of photos since I first bought it basically stock to how it now so far. Still driving lovely like it did on the first day, no running problems yet aside froma  nsf bearing and changed the aircon/alternator belt and general services. Got lots more on the list of never ending upgrades and emptying the wallet on it but the next part is installing a triple pod of gauges to replace the clock above the Stereo and a twin pod on the A pillar too before I start on performance upgrades so I can keep an eye on the cars health better :)
















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Finished off the offside callipers today and with the last bit of calliper paint left I made stencil and did the intercooler too with two light coats :)


(Nearside front wheel and calliper nice and fresh) :)


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3 hours ago, kershaw-330s said:

Looking good man emoji1362.png have those injectors turned up yet ?

Sent from my Nokia 3310 using Tapatalk

Yeah I got them thanks very much bud! :smile:

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1 hour ago, aucky said:

looking very nice,what size wheels and tyres do you have their,do they stick out past the arch,also is it hard to change colour of your gauges?

They are 9.5j wide 18"s sat on 225/45/18's they stick out past the arch ever so slightly but barely noticeable :smile:  a lot of patience and an afternoon is required for the speedo gauge colour change and lots of cotton buds and some nail glue remover or acetone!

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4 hours ago, stants said:

So happy that you've made a start on the wiring, biggest part of the install if you ask me,

Clutch going in next weds so hopefully a week on sat for the rest of the fitting ?

It is quite time consuming to try do a nice job of the wiring I agree! I haven't permanently connected anything yet just made sure they work. Received a new oil press sensor today in the post as a replacement for the broken one in the box which they did at no extra cost which was good! I sent the wiring from the pillar gauges to the clock behind the speedo gauge cluster to keep everything in the same place. For the sensor wires when feeding them out to the engine bay separately along with the turbo vacuum but unsure where to send them from the clock. I have to work till 3pm a week on sat so that's more than likely a no go unless 3 hours of day light is enough? I have the that sunday free though.

Glad you got yourself a clutch sorted! Who's fitting it?

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Ahh right so with the fiddly part of the interior wiring mostly done then that's definitely shaved a few hours off! :) The only thing I don't have is ptfe thread tape I think. Got ring connectors and male/female connectors, plenty of wire, all usual tools, soldering iron etc. Going to order new coolant too as assume it will spill out when putting the water temp adapter in and it needs doing anyway. 

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