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Back from an awesome holiday


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It's probably in the wrong place but I'm sure someone will move it if it is.:)

Well, we made it to the end of Route 66 and what a drive! It wasn't in Subarus as we deliberately went out of our way to try an American motor. To that end we hired these bad boys.


We flew in to Dallas so couldn't pass up the chance of visiting the gas monkey bar and garage. (Fast and loud show on TV).

A good night at the bar with live music.

Then we did Amarillo, Cadillac Ranch, Albuquerque, loads of Route 66 specific things. Once we got to Williams:


We gave the cars a rest and went by train to the Grand Canyon.


Back at the cars the following day, we ate at the famous roadkill cafe. Thankfully they have stopped grilling actual roadkill these days:).

Then on to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. That's a bit of an eye opener.

We rejoined the 66 at Barstow and made it to the end which is the pier at Santa Monica. We even dipped our toes in the Pacific.

We then drove along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and spent 3 days and managed to take in a baseball game (looked like rounders to me :)).

We dropped the cars off in San Francisco once we had driven over the Golden Gate Bridge and driven down the zig zag road that is Lombard Street.

After the 3 days we flew to New York for 24 hours. We managed to see Times Square by night and day, go to the top of the Empire State Building and visit Ground Zero.

From there, we came home. A totally amazing action packed holiday. I need a holiday now to get over it.

Oh, and the cars? V6 3.6L Camaros. They don't rent out the V8 versions for one way hire. :(

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Welcome back mate looks like it was amazing holiday and well worth the traveling. And I would have gone down the same route as you wit American cars no point trying something if you're not going to do it fully :D

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Certainly one of the best trips I've ever done. We stayed in a lodge at the Canyon and opened the curtains in the morning to find a family of Elk grazing about 2-3 yds away. Amazing.

I think it was even better for the fact we didn't take a package holiday off the shelf. I decided exactly what flights we wanted, hotels we wanted etc. I then went to the travel agents and asked them to book it. I could have booked it all myself but travel agents get discount on certain things that I can't and I also get the ABTA insurances built in.

If anyone's interested, I've moved on to sorting out a trip for September 2015. We will be driving through about 10 European countries over 14 days and covering about 2000 miles. It will include the Stelvio Pass and the Col de Turini. It won't involve any track time at any point. We learnt from the original Epic Run in 2011.

We are trying to keep driving time to mornings only so people can explore the new town/city in the afternoon and evening. 2 of the places we will stay at will be for 2 nights so as to get a full day to explore.

If anyone's interested, I can add more detail as we go. The original Epic was 9 cars, 16 people. All were Legacies. This time, it is open to any car.

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What an awesome trip - US trip US car - way to go def, very jealous but now you have done all the research just need to copy the itinerary  ;)


the Elk experience is a nice touch - slightly different to mine where I have woken up on occasion to find the odd moose or horrendi-tremendi-gorilla-pig wandering about the room :blink:


fortunately not happened for a fair few years now though :P

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Post up in the events thread tlag or I can make a post for you if you like. And as nuch as I'd love to go I'm starting a new course for a new job change I will see how it goes I will find out more this week.

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I did a similar trip a few years ago and loved it. We did (Vegas, Zion, Bryce, Grand C, Yosemite, San Fran, all the way down the coast to Monteray then LA).


I'm a big fan of Fast N Loud. Love that show did you see any of the people in the bar or area? I love that huge dufus of a mechanic...is it Tom? Doesn't seem to be in the new series :(

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I'll be on the 2015 trip as you already know. Assuming I don't kill the GT-B at the Nürburgring this weekend I'll be taking that. Yes, I could buy a banger but I've seen the route (more or less) and some of those roads demand to be driven in a Subaru!

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