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  1. The engine hasn't changed on the petrol between those years as I understand so there shouldn't be a difference really.
  2. I have 2014 model XV Diesel SE, same as yours. 1st to 2nd can be a bit lumpy when under heavy throttle but 3rd in both mine and my wife's is fine and pretty smooth. Certainly not hard to get in gear. if you can't get it in gear I'd say leave alone as for the 4th service as stated above you can expect to pay upwards of £350 for that service and around £240 for the interim services.
  3. Apparently he did his own driving, none of this green screen rubbish
  4. Yeah apparently you can't say Subaruporn, well you can say Subaru, but you can't say !Removed!. . . . See?
  5. Just noticed this film out this summer, think it's going to get a few pulses racing on here.
  6. It's been run on shell premium. And it's a new car, only done 4k so airfiler should be fine. I think it's just the newer Euro engine.
  7. So my wife had a newer XV in March, with the latest engine. Her car drives completely different to my 2014 XV. When pulling away it very easily stalls unless you give it some revs. Seems the newer engines are less torquey at the very low end than the older diesels. Just thought I'd post this up as a bit of info
  8. I don't do many mikes in mine at the minute but I take it on the motorway, plonk it at 65mph in whatever gear allows me about 2500 rpm stick it on cruise and sit for 10-15 mins. Mechanic says that doing this will force a regents cycle. So I do it once a week, never had a problem with dpf except when I was unlucky and I had 3 failed regens in a row, it throws up a warning light if you happen to halt the regen alf way by braking or something like that.
  9. Yeah, I never leave my car unlocked, even if I'm a few yards away
  10. I only had mine done at a dealers because like you they did it all for free.
  11. So things that I can think of that might cause the sensations your feeling that are mechanical and not user. (I mean that tongue in cheek rather than insulting etc) and I'm no expert so some of these may not help you, just me doing a brain dump. Over inflated tyres under inflated tyres wrong tyres (Yokohama geolander G95) worn/bald tyres tyres not rotated (front and back tyres wear at different rates) Suspension bushes shock absorbers something bent in the suspension badly balanced wheel tracking out badly Beyond that all I can suggest I'd see if you can borrow a dealer car for the day and see if that's the same.
  12. The VDC will definitely light up if you lose the slightest amount of traction or slide. It's very obvious as I've driven mine in heavy snow but to be fair even then it was only occasionally. The XV is very stable and planted. I have not managed to lose traction in mine and I'm very comfortable that if I throw it in a corner it will stay planted. I've not been wrong yet. The XV is an odd car having both the highest ground clearance yet lowest centre of gravity of cars in its clsss. I have the 2014 model, although it was registered late 2013 and although initially I thought it could be a little skittish, this was most likely due to tyre roll due to the tyre wall height. I haven't felt a situation where it has had me concerned. The XV is also much lighter than most 4x4 and that will always make it feel a little more lively. But as others have said here, it does handle well, it does stay planted but it may take a little while to get that confidence. The 2014 model had suspension tweaks to make if firmer as I recall, that will make it a little more likely to skip on rough roads, but if it did, skip, you would see the vdc light up.
  13. Sorry, I don't have the technical knowledge to be able to Help you. if you do find out the answer, please post up, it may help others who have the same problem. DC
  14. Sorry, I can't help you with that, I can only suggest you phone your local dealer who may have an idea.
  15. Hope this isn't anyone we know!!