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  1. So things that I can think of that might cause the sensations your feeling that are mechanical and not user. (I mean that tongue in cheek rather than insulting etc) and I'm no expert so some of these may not help you, just me doing a brain dump. Over inflated tyres under inflated tyres wrong tyres (Yokohama geolander G95) worn/bald tyres tyres not rotated (front and back tyres wear at different rates) Suspension bushes shock absorbers something bent in the suspension badly balanced wheel tracking out badly Beyond that all I can suggest I'd see if you can borrow a dealer car for the day and see if that's the same.
  2. The VDC will definitely light up if you lose the slightest amount of traction or slide. It's very obvious as I've driven mine in heavy snow but to be fair even then it was only occasionally. The XV is very stable and planted. I have not managed to lose traction in mine and I'm very comfortable that if I throw it in a corner it will stay planted. I've not been wrong yet. The XV is an odd car having both the highest ground clearance yet lowest centre of gravity of cars in its clsss. I have the 2014 model, although it was registered late 2013 and although initially I thought it could be a little skittish, this was most likely due to tyre roll due to the tyre wall height. I haven't felt a situation where it has had me concerned. The XV is also much lighter than most 4x4 and that will always make it feel a little more lively. But as others have said here, it does handle well, it does stay planted but it may take a little while to get that confidence. The 2014 model had suspension tweaks to make if firmer as I recall, that will make it a little more likely to skip on rough roads, but if it did, skip, you would see the vdc light up.
  3. Sorry, I don't have the technical knowledge to be able to Help you. if you do find out the answer, please post up, it may help others who have the same problem. DC
  4. Sorry, I can't help you with that, I can only suggest you phone your local dealer who may have an idea.
  5. Hope this isn't anyone we know!!
  6. The boot trim that protects the paint to the top of the bumper is a must. I have stoneguard on the bonnet which changes the face of the car nicely. Most of the other trim stuff is just guff though. Some say they window trims are nice. Blacking the chrome which cost me a tenner was about the best cosmetic mod I did. And a couple of stick on vinyl badges finished it off. just got to go with what takes your fancy really. Anyway this is mine. Too pocture is before it was dechromed.
  7. No but I had some very light corrosion appear under the bonnet and Subaru just picked up the tab fine. It was where they'd pushed the rubber stops for the bonnet in, obviously damaged the paint. No quibbles from them at all
  8. I think it's just a bug, the issue with the central locking we had in both cars, the one we sold on so don't know what happened to that one, but mine they said needed a full new door mechanism to resolve. Now general stuff like that was out of warranty yet Subaru, as a gesture of good will sorted it as a warranty repair, suggesting that it was a known fault. generally the faults once cleared are gone fir a considerable time, but they can come back from time to time and require yet another reset.
  9. Mine is going in for its 60k service which is also its fifth, its a diesel version and it's costing me £247 all in, it's not that expensive to be fair, cheaper than my Honda Civic was. And that is at a Subaru dealer.
  10. It makes reference to a new direct injection diesel which is a complete new engine, 7kg lighter than the old one and 156ps rather than the current 148. More fuel efficient, better acceleration so looking promising. x-mode arrives yes, but at what cost? There's a lot of extras popping into the new model and these can only push up the price range. We'll have to wait and see.
  11. Yep, that looks proper dead 🤕
  12. Have moved this into the forester pages as you'd posted in the XV section. Hope that's ok? DC
  13. So here it is the 2nd generation Subaru XV due for release 2018. New Diesel Engine upper to 154bhp with more torque, same petrol engine. Will post up review shortly.
  14. Good afternoon, I'm not sure this budget will be a significant issue but certainly future budgets may cause a problem. Most likely though they'll just come up with a "thing" that removes the sulphur dioxide from exhaust fumes, yet another thing in your exhaust to go wrong no doubt. ill just keep mine for a few more years I think, I do like the power you get from the diesel.
  15. Wow! 14k repair, did a proper job on it then? I can see why you didn't go for the bit back option then. Well hopefully the new one will not suffer a similar fate. Its pretty easy to run up a steep bill to be fair. I had a Ford Ka run into the back of mine at about 35mph, only looked like it scuffed the bumper, but by the time they'd replacer the rear cross member and put a new exhaust back box on and bumper etc, bill came to £2800. Still at least I got to drive mine home, the girl that hit my car looked like she'd been through a scrapper, bonnet was half way up the windscreen and the doors stuck up above the roof. My wife was driving my car at the time so she just took details and left her by the roadside sorting recovery. Good luck with the new one, you'll have to pop a few photos up let us know what she looks like