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  1. Engine noise

    I don't think it has a timing chain? I thought it was a belt
  2. Engine noise

    Only when cold? we have two and both do it when they're cold while the oil warms up. Shouldn't do it when warm though and it shouldn't sound like a knock
  3. Tyres

    I know people are saying the geolanders are too expensive but personally I found them very good, I'm on my second set, they handle pretty good, fuel economy is good, road noise is not perhaps the best, but they were faultless in the snow and was a good amount of snow we had a couple of years ago. Tackled a steep hill with ease no one else but landrovers could get up, a Porsche Cayenne turbo who followed me up didn't make it. i certainly wouldn't change the make of the tyre im using to save £3 a corner. I mean fair enough if you're saving £15-20 a corner. But I only paid £440 for a full set last time around, and that included fitting and valves and they were at the tyre centre the next day.
  4. Forza Motorsport 7

    Been putting some new cars together to use on track in Forza 7, currently available in Forza 6, on Horizon 3 later. matt Neal and Gordon Sheddon versions available. currently working on the Audi S3 BTCC
  5. Forza Motorsport 7

    That makes sense to be fair. I dint have a PC so havevti viewit differently.
  6. XV died after system dynamics and low oil warning

    I'd get in touch with Subaru, under the new Consumer Rights Act you have a warranty of up to 6 years on non-consumable components of a car as I understand. clearly this is a fault that has caused this so you could still get this repaired under the consumer rights act, even if your warranty has expired.
  7. Blue meets white

    Nice, though Looking at that white one, I am glad I blacked the chrome and had the stone chip guard, looks a bit more aggressive. Oh, and you could have reversed yours in to make it look better 😂
  8. Journey Time Beep

    Don't know why that would be, though they would have done a firmware update so maybe it was removed in that update. i don't recall seeing an option for it to be fair
  9. Oil & Oil change

    I do think there is something that needs to be reset whenyou carry out an oil change, probably worth calling a dealer. just make sure whatever oil you use doesn't invalidate your warranty or anything silly. I think mine is on 0/30
  10. XV died after system dynamics and low oil warning

    There was a recall for all XVs before the 2014 model, there was talk of wires rubbing on the steering column. You should have been notified at one of your services because it's been known for a while now. the steering column one is apparently quite deep into the dash rather than just under the knees as you might think. It's a good hour to install the foam inserts they secure to prevent the chafing as my wife had hers done. you shouldn't have wiring loom failures after 68k, I assume it's still in warranty? not heard of any other recalls.
  11. Forza Motorsport 7

    Yes that's a disc version. Not sure where you'd get the best price for a download version
  12. Forza Motorsport 7

    @Tidgy Well I pre-ordered mine from Game at the price as pretty much everywhere else £79.99 but it comes with an exclusive to Game limited edition 1:43 scale Porsche which I recon I can eBay to recover some of my outlay. I did the same with a console I paid and extra £20 for a halo one and it came with a dlc flaming helmet code which I sold for £45!! Then the console was faulty and they game me a new console and that came with another code and I sold that for £38. hoping I'll do well with this exclusive limited run car
  13. Forza Motorsport 7

    October 3rd on PC and Xbox One. But you get it 4 days early on pre-order apparently
  14. Forza Motorsport 7

    The full day one line up is out for Forza 7. A bit disappointed that the levorg isn't in there, wanted to paint most of the BTCC cars in Forza 7 this time around.
  15. Forza Motorsport 7

    We can get a few involved I'm sure