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  1. Hi Geoff...this is interesting, my name is Geoff too, and I owned a Subaru Legacy Wagon GT-B (BH5) until July this year when I sold it! I've lately bought a year 2011 Outback 2.5i Limited (Eyesight) JDM, still doing the paperwork and Insurance, stuff like that still pending. Am looking to replace the tyres, it's still having the OEM stock (Yokohama) after some 47000 KM. I need a set with a higher profile, to give it a little lift and that "SUV" look.

    Any suggestions? I've done some research, finally shortlisted the following: 1. Pirelli CINTURATO P7 All Season Plus 225/60R 17 (99H) 2. Michelin PREMIER A/S, 225/60R 17 (99H) 3. Michelin PREMIER LTX 225/60R 17 (99V) and 4. Continental TRUECONTACT Standard Touring All-Season, 225/60R 17 (99H).

    Am gravitating towards #1 because of lots of positive reviews. However, you just never know, there could be a gem everyone else is missing!



  2. 2.0 twin turbo map

    Is it running completely stock at the moment? And is it running right? You can get a map to circa 315 bhp if a manual. I found mine runs spot on at 300. The main thing that really makes a difference is the primary boost you'll get. It's much nicer to drive as I rarely get on to the secondary because you get up to speed so quick on the primary, like driving a diesel really with the low end torque.
  3. Scoobie Newbie! 2016 WRX STI help!

    Welcome! Looks very nice indeed, good choice! Sounds like your going to have a lot of fun with it . Tight service regime is def the most crucial part of ownership + youve already said your running VPower so thats good. @Pixyflash might be kind enough to help with any general driving tips.
  4. New To The Subaru World!!

    Welcome! Try this first. Let us know how you go.
  5. Japshow Finale Santa Pod 1st Oct 2017

    Yep Japfest at Silverstone and Donnington. Dates TBC
  6. Japshow Finale Santa Pod 1st Oct 2017

    Good shout on JAE. Ill sort it.
  7. Japshow Finale Santa Pod 1st Oct 2017

    Pleasure guys, look forward to getting back on it and seeing all next year . For those who havent been to Silverstone, its well worth looking out for it to start the year off!
  8. Japshow Finale Santa Pod 1st Oct 2017

    Least it went. Be interesting to find out what it was.
  9. Japshow Finale Santa Pod 1st Oct 2017

    Weather aside a good day yesterday . Glad everyone got there ok and hope you all got home safe. @DaveRAC great job to get the car finished, looks top! Thanks for providing the gazebo which proved very useful. As discussed, next year we will look at a club one to pitch up at any events we can get it up.
  10. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Mines always a bit whiney when it's cold and damp 🙄
  11. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    If it's like mine it won't but good luck
  12. Night Fury BRZ

    Hope to see you tomorrow!
  13. New to the Forum

    Welcome! Winning, good car!
  14. N00b

    Welcome! Sounds like a good choice! Service service service!
  15. Newbie

    Welcome! As per Jay.