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  1. I'm by no means an expert on this. But from the research i have done i would be getting it remapped as soon as humanly possible. As the new models with SI drive are really sensitive to new hardware. The problems you are likely to encounter is overboosting i.e a VERY lean mixture. Much leaner than normal and i know stock they run a little lean. So a much higher chance of knock/pre-detenation. It is very awkward if you really are that far away from any pro tuner. but i'd stay well away from boost until it is mapped. I expect someone with more knowledge could shed more light on the subject but this is what i know.
  2. haha gotta use that halfords discount when i can. already saved me £30. Will probably bag the i/c off as you suggested and clean it with a light brushing to remove dirty and air.
  3. Yeah heard about the gunk stuff on a youtube video. Do i really need to bag off the intercooler? As that needs cleaning also.
  4. Hey all, Just wondering what everyone uses to clean their engine bay. i.e degrease and give it a shine again. The previous owner of mine didn't like the idea of a clean engine bay apparently. So i'm looking to fix that.
  5. you need to wait for the card to come in the post. just make sure that you keep the card in your glovebox when you get it! for them inpromptu halfords visits.
  6. That would be perfect! Wouldn't happen to know if they still sell them had a look around their website. But was unable to find anything that looks similar.
  7. To add to this for anyone who has a membership. Halfords currently have 20% off all Autoglym products, I haven't tried yet but the 15% coupon should be applied after.
  8. Hey everyone, Just wondering is anyone aware of a way to divide up the boot to prevent things from sliding around like mad. I like to keep tyre pump/portable hoover and the likes but not enjoying them flying around in the boot. I tried to find a cargo net that clicks on the back of seats but not sure how it would work.
  9. Indeed!, i was originally only looking at the hawkeye as I've loved them since i first saw them years ago but never really been a fan of the back. ( i know hate incoming) Drove both of them Mk2 and mk3 felt similar besides the mk2 always making me want to floor it. Mk3 abit more refined and layed back, plus I'd miss my creature comforts from my current car :S)
  10. Most certainly! Can't believe i forgot pictures! Here are some from the advert. But plan to get better ones once i have my mitts on it. This week is taking far too long to go.
  11. Greetings everyone, Happy to say i'll be joining the scooby family and picking myself up a 2011 Plasma Blue Impreza WRX STI 320R just under a weeks time. To say i'm excited would be an understatement! Looking forward to getting to know some of you peeps.