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flapping hell!


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I just got a RA roof flap for my wagon  :)  :)  :)


but how the hell am i going to fit it? There is no going back once the cut is in is there?


Measure - Centre line and CUT!! dremmel should go strait through or need a jigsaw?

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see if you can get a nibbler instead of jigsaw, or take time with dremmel - you can always get it reversed by a plate and some welding / brazing rods.


good luck matey!!

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One thing I did when cutting a hole in the wing of my fronty was cover it in masking tape. Made the marking out easier and the drilling/filing process (I didn't have a hole saw so had to do it the old fashioned way lol) much easier. Once you have the centre line you could always measure the diagonals to test it is square?

Cheers and good luck :-)



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I had a van like that didn't care and all I had to do was drill a hole :D Oh I did put a spoiler on another car that was my main toy at the time was pretty nervous about doing that. I would have a look at that bit's you get with it and should be able to see the best one to use as a guide. I think I would be tempted with a body shop though :) unless it was going to cost silly amounts. 

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