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Hi guys


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Hi and welcome mate,as stants said above could be either,i had similar issues as yourself,and my problem was the maf in the end.Take the maf out while the engine is running and the engine should stall-that normally means the maf is fine but not always.Have you checked to see if any codes have flagged up?Faulty maf is code 23-two long flashes then 3 quick.

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When cold starting it should have a high idle of around 1.5k if you sit and leave it, it will drop to between 700-800rpm.

Does the car have an aftermarket cone filter on ?

If you look at the car and find the air filter/cone and follow it back there is a large diameter pipe with a black square box on, thats the maf.

Depending on what version engine you have the idle control valve wil be situated on the intake manifold somewhere, I can't tell from the pic what age the car is.

Obviously with it being a subaru you should get the offbeat lumpy exhaust note when warm but it shouldn't try and stall, if it's doing it when hot I'd look more closely at the maf as yhe idle valve only controls the cold start procedure

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It was running sweetly with a nice lumpy sound . Used to an even idle just under 1k . Now it's up and down all by itself peaking around 2.5 k . Yes it has a cone filter but this happened well after it was fitted . When it hot it still does it but not as bad . Thanks

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Hi n welcome to soc joe

Have you tried a self ecu code check ?


although it does sound like either ...

Idle control valve


air leak

Or a misfire

A code check might pin point the problem or at least narrow it down [emoji6]

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With the engine running have you tried to unplug the maf if it stalls its working if it doesn't abd keeps running thats a good dign the mafs deador going. It doesn't always show a code with the maf either [emoji20]

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