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Gauges and pod


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What do you want to display ? If your ok with the basics of electricity you'llbe fine I fitted mine in about an hour.

I have depo LED gauges but there are others prosport are popular too. Think I paid about 60 quid for a dual oil pressure & boost plus another 20 for a dash pod from ets racing

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Lol it was only 56 quid delivered I think. These days the car is my only indulgence so I thought I'd treat myself. Only other cost were a couple of meters of vac hose and a gallery adaptor for the sender to fit into :D

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All good mate as long as you can read the info thats all that matters, do the go amber at night if you wire them into lighting circuit?

I only went for a dual one as didn't want loads of gauges, personal preference really.

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Yes they light up amber...If i cant fit them i'll have to ask someone on here :) For beer tokens

All it says is oil and water sensors included

full fitting kit with instructions


I ordered boost,oil pressure,oil temp..Do i need any vac pipe for the boost gauge?

I have emailed them

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