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Shared Track/Race Car


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This is something that has been playing on my mind for a while now. Especially recently since Stants mentioned it in passing at Japshow Finale I think it was.

Basically would anyone be up for a buying a track or race (or both) slag car as a team?

It's something I've always loved the idea of but none of my mates are into cars so why not do it with you guys?! Classic Impreza's are dead cheap now - especially one we'll be buying as normal road car and pride and joy issues won't be such a big deal. We could all lump in together to buy, mod and track or race. Would even be able to advertise the site on the car :) .Or could buy something that'd be even cheaper to mess about with - such as a MX5 or RS Clios for example.

I am 100% serious about this so no offence but please don't say you're up for it if you don't really mean it - like some people do when they say they'll come to a meet then suddenly drop out/don't turn up. By all means show your interest if it's genuine though.

Just checking interest at the moment, Christmas and New Year are too close. But I would like to start planning and looking into it properly early next year. Soooo.. Anyone interested?

What about you Stants since you got me thinking about it more :D

Someone with a bit of mechanical nouse would be great too ;) would like to learn more myself on how to work on cars too which this could be good for I reckon.



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Hehe such a bad influence.

Like Steve says it all depends, if we were to do it would it still be road legal or go the whole hog and track only ?

If road legal we then have to think about insurance tax m.o.t

If track only that means a tow vehicle and trailer will be needed.

I think lots of thought and a plan will have to be drawn up before we go out and buy something, also if someone wants out at any time how does that work ? Would some forms of legal document need to be drawn up ?

I'm deffo interested mate, just have to have a feasibility study.

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I have forester s-turbo so tow vehicle is no issue. Have no trailer tho. Will get one in about a 2 years time once I move house. And definitely offroad only otherwise we would be limited on things that can be done to it and it would cost more too. insurance, vehicle tax. Mot.

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Well I'm in Sheff and Stants is in Leeds, I've made the journey to your neck of the woods quite a few times plus you have a few tracks I'd want to visit at your end so I think distance shouldn't be too bad between us 3 at least. Well I know I'd be willing to drive a few hours for a track day anyway. Don't know about Jay if he ends up being able to participate.

Stants - I agree mate. We do need to have a thorough talk and plan drawn up if we go ahead. I just wanted to make sure there's interest before devoting any time into it.

As for a base plan though. I'm with Steve, I think it should be a dedicated track car, otherwise we get the added costs of keeping it road legal plus we can't go as mad with it. Unless, there's a member that wouldn't mind having a hardcore track car as their weekend toy so wouldn't mind spending a bit more on mot/tax/insurance etc. plus they'd be able to store it at home. I very much doubt that'll happen though lol!

That'd be great if you can to was well Steve. Just have to find someone we can rent a trailer from on certain weekends i think I know a guy up here that would do such a thing but no good here if your towing obviously. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find one though plus a storage area. I'll do a quick estimation of this stuff when I get a min. Probably tomorrow.

As for the car I was thinking a £1000 very maximum budget for it. However the cheaper the better obviously, which is why I suggested other cars like MX5 as that could be bought for £500 and be cheaper to work on. But then again I haven't looked how much Impreza's without MOT and not road legal would be.

Maybe we could get a slight sponsorship from the site, maybe using some of the supporter money? And if we get a Classic Impreza we can plaster the forum all over it acting as advertising. Any chance of this at all Gambit?

Then it's just a case of stripping out the interior and unnecessary parts, fitting roll cages etc which we can do ourselves. :)

I've not thought about someone wanting to drop out later to be honest. But personally I was hoping to make this as cheap as is possible between us and write my money off basically anyway - spending my money to do something I love. I've spent thousands upon thousands on drink for example with nothing to actually show for it. This would be similar to that for me, money spent just for the good times and experience. We could definitely have something in place though. Such as have an agreement whereby any items we buy as a group, we split the money evenly whenever the time comes to sell any of it, whether that person is still involved or not. It is something we need to sort between us.

That's the basics anyway. Obviously we need to have a proper chat and plan before we do anything and spend any money but if the interest is there we can start sorting these elements out to see if it's realistic to do. Might have to sort a weekend meet together or properly go over it. Either over drinks or at a car meet. Or both ;)

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Should be good longer term then :)

I've just done a VERY quick google search for trailers and storage.

Storage I immediately came across one at £18 per week - ikclassicsandracing.co.uk/garage-services/car-storage/

But that's a pretty impressive sounding one there that offers a lot of services so I'm sure we could find a lot cheaper with a proper look.

As for Trailers, looks like that'd cost about £45 a day - should be ok for the odd weekend track days IMO but if we can find someone near you Steve with one I'm sure we could get these cheaper too - http://www.erento.co.uk/hire/vehicles-boats-aircraft/trailers/trailer/car-trailer/

Remember that's between 3 of us so far. Potentially 4 or more if anyone else shows interest. I don't think that's bad. I used to pay near £10 a week just to go to a local gym for example so even that all singing, all dancing storage place isnt too bad. Plus if we find one with a garage with it like that we could use the tools, lift etc. to make working on our track car easier too so that'd be a bonus possibly worth the extra cash?

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Shame you're all so far away from suffolk as I've got a spare classic Shell (without suspension or mot)

, use of a recovery truck for beer vouchers(or a thrash on a track) engine hoist ect and a quite a few spare parts kicking around [emoji39]

But nowhere dry and warm to work on a car [emoji53]

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me and my 2 mates (fellow impreza nuts) spoke of this several times and it never works out , you all need to kick in equal cash and time, Tho 2 of us have families and the other is a mechanic we know what will happen

instead we chip in buy a **** car, do the ring in it then come home and flog it

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Steve - didnt you say it'd be a couple of years before you moved and got a trailer though? Might have to rely on borrowing one as and when we need it until that point if that's the case.

Stants - your storage company doesn't have somewhere near Steve does it? That'd be ideal haha :D

& yea I understand there's a pretty big chance none of this will happen. No harm done if it doesn't though. But it would be so !Removed! awesome if we did. So definitely got to try! And try I will!

In fact I've got myself so excited about this that if it doesn't work out I may even have to go the route of selling my Scoob and just use my work van for journeys so I can have my own track car :)

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