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Hello From Stratford upon Avon


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Hi all,


I've not got a scooby yet but looking to get one this year.

In fact my next door neighbor says he is thinking of selling his soon. So I've told him I'm interested.

It's a completely standard 2004 Impreza 2.0 SL WRX Saloon. It's in very good condition but has done about 116000 miles.


If anyone can give me any pointer on things to check It'll be much appreciated



Linx :)

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Thanks for the welcome and the tip. Good guide!

Do you think it having 116k miles on the click is a concern? It does have full service history.


That's one scary picture Stig's Digital Cousin  :o.

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No I wouldn't be too put off with the 116k miles. Does mean mainly the other parts start to fail like hubs and silly things like that more. But if you take it for a test drive I'd make sure you test it when cold and warm clutch and gearbox list from crunch into gears and slipping clutch just mainly general checks you would make on a car I guess. Have a look see when the last service was if it wasn't long ago and had a biggish one done I'd buy it after a good test drive and check round.


Me on the way to Leeds to stalk Stants at home... Weekend clothing.


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  • 5 months later...

Hi again. I finally got my Scooby at the weekend. My neighbor decided he wasn't selling.

Mine's a 2003 2.0 WRX only done 68000 miles  :).




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