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Time well spent at work


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After a dull day at work (again) we decided to look over my scooby.

Well......... Not an Sti as advertised by seller (I felt this tbh)

Started to panic and wonder if even wrx or standard one with money spent

After Internet panic searching I have found I own a WRX WR limited.

Time to get ion eBay and put swrt stickers back on in the right places.

Quite a bit of relief has been felt after this discovery :-)

No idea how many were built but that's what tonight I"is for

Drive fast, Race faster

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V5 just says Subaru Impreza and date of import. GDAE4HD is the model code.

The bits that are different:

Fog light covers should be swrt yellow sticker

Standard blue grill badge

Swrt (small) sticker on doors and wing edges.

It's has seats with swrt logo.

5 speed box not 6, just Impreza on clocks, no pink stitching around steering wheel or handbrake. Just plain black.

Red brake calipers

Drive fast, Race faster

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Too much stressing about the concidental breakdown of my car a day after a remap [emoji52] getting it in the neck from the misses etc... anyway back on topic,

there's a company somewhere on the Web that does all the stickers and badges for just about every subaru edition. I'll try and find the page,

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I checked against my applied model code on the VIN plate. And compared across a few websites. All the spec matches up, except the changes someone has made to mine already.

Code is GDAE4HD

Drive fast, Race faster

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