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new scooby owner


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Hi guys.

I just bought a w reg impreza turbo

It's had an sti scoop and spoiler fitted.

It's also got a few prodrive stickers which I thought were just that. I found a performance pack paperwork in with the service history and reciepts. Is there any way to tell? I've had a few celica gt4 and the scooby does feel quicker than the standard 215.

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Wotcha and welcome. The pack could well consist of a remap backbox & filter in which case the only way to be certain is session with a mapper as the exhaust and filter may have been changed since the original mod

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Hi n welcome to soc easiest way to post pics Is to use tapa talk app .

Otherwise you'll have to upload them to a image hosting site (photo bucket) and then copy and paste the img code on to here .

As for the ppp ecu I think they run slightly more power 260 ish but don't quote me on that .

Matt will probably know as I think he's got a ppp ecu for sale

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Cool cheers. Got a couple of things to do to it. It now has a full decat. :-) thinking about a remap. Got the rear arches to do one is quite bad. Didn't look to bad when I got the car but a proper look showed up filler. Looking at cutting it out and making a new panel and doing it properly.

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