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A model impreza


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I'm looking to buy a model of a classic impreza for my boy as a keep sake. Just wondering who makes the best/most realistic replicas of the classic impreza. It doesn't have to be rally decaled.

Looking for brand new so I can keep it boxed. I still have a few cars my grandad left to me and they hold great sentimental value.

Thanks in advance! [emoji4]

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I'll pay good money for a good model. Top budget would be £100 but for that I want all singing and dancing.

I've always built nitro buggies and cars myself but he's still a bit young for that. I'll keep this car safe until he's old enough to understand what it means.

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Autoart are the best but they haven't produced any scoobs for awhile so it's a sellers market.

They do various sizes 1:16 1:43 ect

Here's a list of subaru models, rather than buying direct eBay is a good source for them.


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Funnily enough I had to go to my old dears today to drop some furniture off and she had both of the unfinished gtr's out and was asking me what I'm doing with them, unfortunately the 32 has had a run in with a small child and one of the wheels has been ripped off. But it's given me the urge to get them finished. So I reckon we should immerse our inner geek/child/collector and get em out for the lads so to speak

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