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Paint correction on my classic


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When I picked up this classic the paint was in a pretty poor state, it was dull, scratched and various different shades. Although it had been mechanically looked after I think the car wash had taken its toll on the paint.

There were various swirl marks in the paint when the sun shone on it and when under artificial light so something had to be done

Here's a pic from the advert ...post-4004-142757401697_thumb.jpg

Seems as it was so windy today I thought I would lock myself indoors and really go at it,

First thing I did was to wash it twice then use a clay bar ( well two ) as there was so much crap in the paint.

I then used a machine polisher with a ferecla pad to apply Maguiers ultimate conpound. I have never used this before but I was recommended to try it from a different forum, I used it once and could see a massive improvement so I cleaned It up and made another set of passes.

Here are the result using just the Meguiars, it really it simple, it removed scratches and swirls


I then used a product called 50 cal filler glaze which I applied using another ferecla pad at a higher rpm, left for 5 mins before wiping off which left it looking like this


Finally I sealed it using auto glym ultra high gloss paint sealer, cleaned the windows and took a few pics...




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I seem to have accumulated loads of stuff over the last few years but the stuff I used today was the easiest combo of products and pads by far. I used ferecla polishes before this but there a bit aggressive for me

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What's the story with the beemer ? Looks like a fantastic result [emoji16]

Cheers, that's my e30 which I have had for a few years.


It has had a lot of mechanical work done to it, and various subltle upgrades such as a full rear subframe rebuild and powder coat, hartge wheels, bilstein shock and h&r springs, Sachs clutch, lightened flywheel blah blah blah

Great car, love driving it in summer

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No one's gonna mention the plane? Think you need to give that a good clean too! :P

It's in need of a bit more than a polish haha, it's a project which is nearing completion with the airframe being the last part that will be stripped and painted , the new engine prop and various aerodynamic upgraded should achieve an extra 15 knots and 10hp Wirh the same fuel burn

The other aircraft was outside getting wet while the car was polished


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