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I finally got a Subaru!

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Hi All,

I have been waiting since my first ride in a Subaru (1999) to own one, and now, I have one!! I may have been a bit blinded however when I came to buying it. It is beautiful; it's a 2001 WRX uk300 bug eye with 78k miles...2 previous owners, and lots of receipts. Starts with no knocks, and pulls wonderfully. I have however had to take it to a specialist, (I'm not mechanically minded...I'm man enough to admit that) who has highlighted a few issues.

Firstly, my sub frame is rotten AF...apparently it was an advisory on the last MOT, but I have been told that there's no way that it would pass like that. Secondly, the steering column coupling needs replacing...it wants to turn left when turning right, oops. Oh, and I need new discs and pads all round. Luckily the guy I bought the car off is paying for the steering coupling, apparently the part can only be bought direct from Subaru...£190.

All in all, I am very happy, but obviously financially could have done without the other problems!

Hope to get to know a few of you, and arrange meets etc.





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Taking a test drive 1st in a scoob can be a bad idea, your instantly mesmerised by the power and scooby grin. I reckon we should all put them on a rap 1st and have a good look before driving them lol.

Congrats with the purchase glad your getting it sorted and it sounds like you've got a mechanic who knows what he's doing with scoobs.

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Hello mate welcome to S.O.C 

Sorry to hear has so many problems but hopefully can be easily sorted out well not too costly I should say :)

But feel free to jump in on other threads good bunch on here all friendly. And I know a few car breakers you could try for sourcing parts :)  

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