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need advice

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since i got my wrx the temp gauge got hotter and hotter but last nite it went to its all time high to just under red i checked the water bottle by the rad and it was ok but looked at the other coolant bottle and the water inside it was a rusty colour ive only done 118 miles since ive bought it last week ive head the oil for mayo but there was none looked at the exhaust or any excess steam but it seemed ok

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Check on your fingers for rust particles,i thought my system was the same and it was the orange OAT coolant,nice in the bottle,but looks rusty or if drips onto any surface again rusty orange.....................not the best of colours imo...



Only a thought regarding rust.

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If its recently had the system drained to replace the thermostat it's more likely an air lock.

If there's no mayo in the water it's doubtful it's the head gasket.

The scoob is notorious for getting airlocks, so I reckon this is the most likley cause.

Drain and refill the system and I reckon that will cure it.

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The rust could be where it's been filled with to much water to coolant ratio and has started to rust the inside , thermostat might not be opening or air lock ,they are absolute !Removed! for air locks , but I have a good way of getting the air out :-)

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I'd get a hydrocarbon sniff test done at a different reputable garage to rule out combustion gasses in the coolant before working on it yourself , as they might say that you voided the warranty .

if the head gaskets have gone it's going to cost a fair bit and the garage should be paying for it so soon after purchase

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