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StarWars Battlefront

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Yeah I'd have thought so especially with real Dice working on it. And I love Star Wars grew up on them bit of a self confessed geek with star wars :) 


Oh well that will give me the choice of which platform to buy it on lol :) 

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have to say for me Star Wars pretty much defined my Chilhood.

7 years old when the 1st film came out.

Relived my childhood in my 30's rebuying all the Toys, have a collection of 100's of books including novels, reference books. A real stormtrooper helmet (not a cheap copy) I even have an Adidas originals Wookie Jacket.

I've had just about every game they've released and this new Battlefront looks awsome.

2015 is a great year for us Star Wars geeks :D

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I've had all sort of memorabilia had soooo many of the toys I can't think of any I didn't have but through the years parents given them away to charity shop :( and light saber I had a replica movie prop I had to sell on. So have nothing left but now they're getting a bit older my man cave might be able to return to some sort of former glory. And like you played every Star wars game even the !Removed! ones :D

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I must admit this caught my eye the other day. I'm a big Starwars fan I used to be a model maker and had all the Starwars kits built up in a man cave. Even a full size Boba Fett!

I saw the original Starwars when it first came out at the cinema (I can hear some of you working that out now) in 1977. The iconic opening sequence of the battle cruiser coming into shot still one of the best opening sequences ever

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