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1 Day old Forester Owner


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Hello everyone,

Thought I would put up a quick post saying hello and giving some info on me and my car.

I yesterday purchased an 04 plate Forester 2.0 XT, its in need of some TLC and some (hopefully) minor mechanical bits and pieces.

The car feels solid, with no obvious issues I can see, other than the SPIKED winter tyres, drivers window that wont go down, and the huge hole in the back box. It drives well and takes off like a rocket if your wanting to embarrass people.

Im going to be using the car as a daily driver, around 18miles each way of A & B roads as well as weekend trips mountain biking and dog walking, and possibly a run to the French Alps in the summer, so it will need to be kept running well. I've just come from a 2 litre peugeot 407 hdi (136bhp) which the clutch started to slip on, and was going to cost about the same as the forester to replace. So avoiding anything like that would be good.

Anyway, the point of the message is ( and I no doubt will find the answers if I look hard enough) the car is due an MOT in about a month, so are their any typical issues I should look at before taking it to the MOT centre?

Thanks for having me in your club, and I look forward to many years as a happy subaru owner.


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Thanks for all the welcomes!

I'm afraid this forum is going to feed an expensive addiction!

Looking at new(second hand) tyres and rims to replace the winter ones on at the moment.

Just need to do my research to check if ET48 215/40/17 will fit nicely.

Exciting times!

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