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1997 Turbo 2000


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Hi all


I haven't had this car too long but a change in circumstances means it may have to go ( a house I wanted to but to rent out has come up for sale and I need to raise the deposit)

This is a bit of a feeler really as I have a few cars and I'll sell whichever sells first and that should see me ok.

Anyway, it's a 1997 turbo 2000

2 owner car ( 1 owner from new to 2014)

Service history

Recent clutch

Cambelt done 500 miles ago

Servied 500 miles a go

Body work in excellent order

Interior also in excellent condition

No smoke from the engine nasty knocks.


Asking. £2550



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Cool, let me know... Getting a serious amount of time wasters on eBay at the moment to the point where I might just pull it off and cover it up, I think people have a drink in the evening and then start making stupid offers on cars.

Here's the eBay number anyway


Milage is 111k

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The link to eBay is above, it's still for sale but I'm not actively pushing it anymore of that makes sense. Had loads of time wasters over it so it's currently sat covered up to be left for a while, I think eBay just attracts a lot idiots.

The problem with eBay is that people can almost anonymously make stupid offers and waste your time and you almost have to go along with it before you realise actually they are yet another time waster.

That said, if he's interested let me know

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