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Newbie Entering into the scubby world


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Been pondering for a while now about getting a scubby as I've always admired them

Dont know much about them apart from the typical types.

WRX, STI, P1 & 300

So Ive Joined up to see if i can be enlightened and in the forseable future take the leap in becoming an owner once the right car/price comes along.

Coming from a VAG/Diesel background.

Took this pic from a recent car show


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Here you go members have added to it so worth a read through 


And welcome to S.O.C 

if you have any questions feel free to ask doesn't matter if you think it's a silly question or not. All friendly bunch here :D



At the same time :D 

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Best way mate I traveled for both mine the Bug wasn't too far hour's drive away. the Blobeye I went to Manchester for that, but nearly went to Scotland to pick one up so sometimes traveling is needed :D 

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Gonna be very different to what your used to :-)

First thing isdecide budget an what you want, classics are more performance over comfort so pretty hard core,new age tend to be a bit more comfortable and toned down. After that few different models to choose from.

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Buy a standard its better as you know what you are getting and you can customise it yourself.


Wheel bearings, rattling  or knocking from the engine


Lower miles the better full service history is worth its waiting gold


Timing belt pullies are done


Dont be affraid to travel its always worth it for a good one!

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Yeah your definitely right.

Seen a few good examples but they dont hang around long.

Been reading through the forum and getting a better grasp on things.

I kinda now know bit of difference between the WRX & STI models.

& PPP spec

& what a blob and bug eye is. Lol

One thing I've noticed is that there's a huge tax band difference between certain models from 06 plate onwards aswel.

So im getting there. Lol

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