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2.35ltr STI 5 Build.


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Hello all, some of you guys and girls may have seen this on the other forum. A couple of the lads suggested sharing on here and checking out some of the builds and projects on here too.


There is a good few months worth of modding here to I'll keep it brief !! I bought the car a while back from Hurst Cars in Bedford. The plan but a well tuned STI that had all the right bits and just use it. But that didn't happen. Unfortunately after a few initial issue and some light changes the engine let go. but here is the car.







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Glad to see you found your way over ☺

I had a similar problem a while back with my pc and had to use the mobile site or tapatalk to copy n paste ,eventually I think my pc must have updated as it worked a few weeks later .

Think the site has had a server update today and there's a issue with tapatalk app not letting you log in so it might be a issue with the update ?

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Given every divide i have is throwing a wobbly at this site I'm going to have to piece the story so far together from a thread on a different site. Going to take me a mo ands some of the references might seem odd but you'll get the picture!

I actually, and maybe stupidly have 2 projects on the go now. Although i'm not allowed to call the scoob a project as i'm supposed to be using her as the daily driver.... be we all know its a project really :Suspiciou


I also have a Gen II RX7 on the go which has been though various stages of tune. It was a very nice very clean stock car..... but that didn't last more than the time it took to drive it to the workshop and get stuck in.

The Impreza. I have posted some pics in the Members gallery but felt a project thread was need to the pair of them. Don't worry I'll keep the rotary stuff to a minimum i know it freaks you people out :wonder:

The current spec on the Impreza is:

EJ25 Crank, Arrow rods and Weisco pistons. ACL bearings, APR bolts and studs. 'competition' head gaskets, Simtek ECU, Modded oil pump and oil cooler. Oil crank case breathe system and drain. MD321T (not sure if billet i haven't looked). 740cc side feed injectors and I'd assume Walbro pump but can't find receipt for part or fitting so need to get in the tank and check it out.

STI 8 6 speed box with Spec C prop and diff.

Again no real info on the clutch but assumes its an organic for the hp of the car.

STI 8 Brembo conversion front and rear with STI 8 discs

Quick re cap on the car:





Now as in the members bit the Blitz has lost all its wadding so that cam off and one of my mufflers went on as a temporary measure until I get the new material in to re-do the whole system.




Also I have changed the HKS SQV for a Tial 50mm item and the Blitz SUS for a BMC Twim Power and mashed a new pipe together to suite.



Its all getting a bit multi coloured under there which is slightly aggravating nut we'll address that in time

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Well its been an interesting couple of days on the car! Was a relatively straight forward brief. Thermal spacers in. Reverse inlet. Move turbo over. Service. sorted. So early Saturday I started pulling her apart for the manifold mods went something like this :


Thermal spacers from CDF. Big thanks to them for making a special trip to the post office on Friday to get them to me for Saturday morning.


Now with the inlet off spacers ready to go on and plugs etc all changed I did as a normal petrol head would do. Gave the turbine wheel a spin. That unfortunately caused concern. The play back and forth was very excessive. Then having a look down the inlet at the impeller we have a bent blade. This has obviously been like this for a while and thrown the wheels out of balance and screwed the bearings causing the massive play in the shaft. I had intended to replace the turbo in time but not this soon. Unfortunately in the shop we only had a range of GT3071's with internal wasted housing's, a pair of GTX 35's, a pair of 4091's and a GT4202..... so noting suitable. So a decision was made to re fit the MD321 with external wastegate mod until the GTX3076 get delivered then the MD321 will go off for rebuild and sale.

but for now here is some pics




Power steering was also removed.

Now with the inlet reversed some of the wiring needed to be altered to reach the throttle body and coils.


All installed


Up pipe modded with turbo refitted and 38mm Tial gate.



The test fit. You can see the gate tucked away




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Needed to get the car back on the road as it's the daily driver. Bit of a rush to get a few bits back in the engine bay. I'm going to remake the header tank and re locate to the back of the engine bay for now. Map sensor and boost solinoid need to be moved also.

But she's in and running sweet.


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Worth mentioning here the motor let go! !!!

Righty got back home a little earlier from work so set about the engine bay. Will pull the motor tomorrow but had a play with the turbo anyway! I did also find that all the water was in the sump mixed up all lovely with the oil. Plenty of metal in the mix too! Will see the damage once its back at the shop next week.

Here is a comparison of the MD321T and the GT4094


I have two options in mind with the GT40. Either a more stock twisted location :



Or my personal preference. This would be easier if I ditched the master cylinder and servo etc which I would do if I could afford to currently throw a OBP pedal box in there but with all the other stuff that needs to be done an extra £400 on a pedal box isn't a must at the moment. Still with the turbo here I can build the air box under the scoop and mount the shiney wastgates up top for no other reason than they look cool!

Apologies for the flash was getting dark but you get an idea



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Some pics of the motor coming out. I'll get it stripped tomorrow see what the internal damage is. You can see from some of the pics that some of the valve guides are in bits and in one cylinder missing. Heads are full of oily/water. Definite screwed motor.






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So the crank and rods are ok. but not much else.

You can see the lumps of valve guide sitting in the water


Some fused to the piston


Some piston missing. Don't think that is repairable!


Valves smashed to bits. They have been pushed up into their seats and are nicely jammed in there


Oh, wait there is the pistons, Maybe i could weld it all back together!


Another OBD casualty, very broken barrell



And just for a giggle here its wahts left of the very broken piston



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Well we start with this bit:


Got all the engine build bits from RCM through. Bearings/gaskets/nuts/bolts etc etc


Head gaskets for 14MM EJ22


14mm stud kit.


Test fit with the machining on the block


And finally we finished the pinning on the motor. 6 short dowels in each barrel so as not to restrict water flow.


Now I just need those pistons and the new head to turn up.

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Well got the majority of the mani mocked up today. A fine way to spend a day off. Problem is the shed I have at home is that it's used by others as a dumping ground. With a small space cleared this is as far as I got this afternoon. I've used the knackered motor as the mock up. Now the manifold is tacked up the next step is too put the mock up motor in the car and get the turbo position and make the up pipe.


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Well no where near as much done as I would have liked. Always the way when you try and get stuff done at home!!!!

So lower half of the manifold finished up. Need to do the up pipe etc but will nee to get the mock up motor in first....




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Got a couple of the manifold on the motor and in the car. Going to get the turbo and gates mounted this this weekend and the finishing touches on the lower section of the pipe work so I can start thinking about air box design.





More to follow.....................

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Got in a little early today to get the parts for the fuel rail done so i can finish off at home over the weekend. I'm using the Aeromotive Billet fuel rails as they look big and chunky. I have machined a bit of ally flat bar for the bolt points which i will then buzz on. Ive also turned some ally spigoty type jobbies for the top feed Injectors that i'll be using at this stage.

Rails and flat bar:


which fits like so:


Then machined a little more and will go together like this:


And these are the injector cups


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He's a couple of bits of the inlet manifold. wedge on the front, Injectors mocked in on the primary rails. I've just not had a chance to the machine in the second set but holding it where it live.

Couple of pics of the air box. Need a little shave at the rear just to clear the pitch mount. but you can see how its going to work. I'll be making a crank case breather that will sit to the right of it.

The wedge:




The air box part way through:


With the panel filter in. Its actually an ITG filter I had made for a Honda Accord ages ago. So I chopped it about a bit and it fits!!!!



In the car:



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Few ally bits. Also started to build the engine bay back up with the mock up engine just to be sure that bottles/pipes and filter etc will all fit. Its all needs removing and cleaning as its all very tired looking. But it actually gives you an idea on how the engine bay will start to come together once the 2.35ltr engine goes in over the next few of weeks.

Swirl pot for the boot:


Water header tank and power steering reservoir. PS is the smaller front can.


The three pots for brakes and clutch:


And a test fit with the PS pump/alternator and other bits. I've not made the bracket for the header and PS tank to they will mount in the suspension tower. Made a new crank case breather up by the air box too.


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Few more bits turned up and a little bit more done.

Pair of 044's and holley reg:


Header tank fitted up. Still waiting on the pressure caps....


machined off the -6 fittings on the fuel rails as the weld ons made them look tatty. Tapped the ends of the rails and used M18 to -6 screw fittings instead. Looks much cleaner:



Rails and pressure reg in:


12mm RCM oil pump


Also got the crank and rods back from SEP after the inspection and cleaning. All just fine after the engine let go. They dressed the rods and re polished the crank so I can now start getting the motor back together.


Hopefully the clutch will be with me soon. Ordered the flywheel today too. I should see a 12kg weight lose to the rotating assembly on the clutch side.

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Few bits sorted in the boot today. Need a few extra fittings to finish it up. Will be making a ally tray for it all to sit in.

In Tank 044. Also modded to top plate with 2x -8 fittings and -6 breather.



Removed the wheel well for body mods that will come at a later date:



Started getting the swirl pot in:


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