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After a year of ownership im leaving

Rick 2014

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After a long hard thought and a talk with the missus we have decided to leave Subaru and get a diesel.I don't want to do this but we need to save money at the moment.We are trading the Subaru in for a diesel Golf tomorrow with a low tax bracket and low fuel costs.Im not happy about this but I will be back that's a promise

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Sad to hear that you are having to depart with your Subaru.



Been there. Done That, didn't want to but needs must sometimes.




I finally managed to get another Subaru this weekend and realise even more now, just what I was missing.




Hope you still remain a member of this forum and that you get another Subaru in the near future.




You have made a good choice with the Golf diesel, they are quite good, just not a Subaru.




Good Luck.

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Get and have both??? Lol

My normal car is a S-Max diesel which I use for work due to the miles, as I get 620-650miles per tank, Mrs has her little Renault for the school runs which gets £20 of fuel for 4-5wks, and the Scooby is a Toy to enjoy after a long old week which when I look at it it uses £5 of fuel, start her up and that's another £10 gone!!! Ha ha thankfully it's a Toy and not the main car!!!!!!

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i have the same dan, well a skoda not a s-max tho i looked at one on friday lol

It's not the same driving the S-max but it has all the extras on it, but it's comfy and it is what it is, but after all I drive 4-5k miles every month for work so my Scooby would be serviced every month!! Lol, and the fuel bill for that too!! Dread to think!!!

Plus I can use it for holiday or days out with the family too being a bigger motor!! The Scooby is luckily a toy for shows etc.... But after driving a diesel for soooooo long and having this you do notice the fuel gauge going down quicker!! (Might also be my heavy foot)

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hi mate

only just seen the thread, sorry to see you go, but when needs must.


mickmikmike had to sell his JDM blob (one of the best I've ever seen) when his business was failing and short of cash.


I'm sure you will be back :)

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