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uk turbo 2000 battery, starting question-posted in wrong place before

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Desperate for help and advice for my x reg uk turbo 2000. Car currently sat on private road and has been for two weeks. Battery has been slowly discharging quicker than normal and i've found the aux belt to be loose - this has now been tightened. After that the car was starting and driving fine (ish - its done a lot of miles) i go to start the car yesterday and find it is completely dead. i examine the Battery and find its leaking badly(Battery was very old and needed replacing anyway) so...stupidly i allowed my friend to get a Battery for me from Halfords and he returns with a 005 with a starting capacity of 450amps. this compares to my old battery of 005L (assuming the L stands for larger capacity) and a starting power of 520amps. 


Once connected up i find that the electrics all turn on fine, but when i turn the key theres 'click!' and nothing more. no crack, no attempt to start. To be safe i call Greenflag out. He connects up the new battery to his big mobile jump starter - with exactly the same results. He examines the oil to find it 'really low' - and provides a verdict of a seized engine from low oil. With the car having been sat he guesses its slowly dripped oil (from where he can't surmise) and the engine has now seized. I ask about the battery and its lower starting power to which he says '12v is 12v, and with me trying to jump your battery - this would rule out the battery' (battery putting out a respectable 12.5v.


Now admittedly the oil is very low - but I don't believe its leaked any since its been sat for 2 weeks. I want to know if the problem could be the lower capacity battery? He insists not, but i find it weird that my car was fine 2 weeks ago.


Oh, in addition, the car randomly clicks (fuel pump priming etc) with the key OUT of the ignition at points. The same noise as when turning the key. i dunno, i just didn't have much faith in him. His advice? Drop a load of oil in it, if it works - your cars ok. if not? Your engines seized.


Any thoughts and advice welcome. Thank you!

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I doubt the engine would have seized from not being driven and the oil level being low,

How low is 'low' ? Have you tried turning the engine over by hand to see if it is actually seized?

What alarm is installed in the car, could be a case of the immobiliser kicking in as it's been sat dead for a while,

Ideally you need a Battery with the highest capacity you can get


Finally if you drop the rear seat backs and stick your head down in the o/s passenger side can you hear the fuel pump priming when you turn the key to the 1st position ?

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As stants said try turning it over by hand to see it's seized .

It does sound electrical as without the keys in it should only "click" once shortly after taking the key out as the imoblizer kicks in .

Maybe try a classic self ecu code check by connecting the plugs under the dash near the bonnet catch

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i'll check all of these, one thing to add, after trying to turn over and hearing the 'click'  the hazards flash once. Is this indicative of anything? i recall it happened once when the Battery was really low...I'm convinced the higher starting power is the issue but everyone I've spoken to insists it should still start off a lower one.I'm not so sure..

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Give your alarm make and model a Google with the symptoms and see if that sheds any light on it . It might be a fail safe it the alarm thinks the powers been cut or a common fault .

As if the pump primes and you've tried a jump start I'd have thought it would have turned over so might be a imoblizer issue .

Did you try to turn the engine over by hand ?

If not get a ratchet on the crank pulley while the ignition is off and turn it a few full rotations

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