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I want a scooby, help please! :)

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Hi there!

Just thought I'd join this forum as I'm looking into buying my first Impreza and would love some advice :)

Basically there is that much choice out there and I'm not sure what to look at etc. personally I prefer the older pre bug eye shape but what to go for?! I would have around a 6k budget and I'm wondering if a turbo 2000 would be the way to go? Also is there anything I should be looking out for as to be honest I know pretty much nothing about them with regards to how many miles the engine can do if properly maintained etc. I currently drive a re mapped mk1 skoda fabia Vrs tdi with around 280ft lbs and 170bhp and I'm looking for something way quicker and I just love that scooby sound and it's been a dream of mine ever since I was very young to own one!

I appreciate that most people probably won't look at this post but any information at all would be massively appreciated as I'd absolutely love to own one Asap!

Thanks in advance, Ben :)

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Hi Ben,


I cannot comment as much on the classic shape > turbo 2000 etc as I grew up around a P1 and well that was ever teenage boys dream of that time.


Myself am more of a fan of the blobeye (03-05), after an STi my self and the one piece of advice I will give is take your time. There are alot out there, but many will require work or you to put your hand in your pocket to bring it upto standard. I have a Mk2 Octavia vRS TDI so know where your coming from.


The advice given to me, look for a car with less owners, fsh, lots of bills, lots of servicing. Usual car checks apply the RAC will give you a run down if you check out there site. I have been using UKVehicle.com but there are others as they are cheap to check out basic info on the cars past.


For me its as much about the sellers personality as it is the car, good seller = chance of more well looked after car.


Good luck in your hunt, keep researching.

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Thanks for the info buddy it's greatly appreciated. And I know what you mean, if only I had the money to own a P1 or a 22b! Even if I did I think I'd leave that to a much more worthy scooby fan haha. Totally get what you mean as they all seem to be either ragged to death or bog standard non turbo's etc. it would be a second car to the fabia so I'd be putting money into over time! Don't think I could ever part with the skoda as its made some pretty expensive cars look silly whilst doing 40 odd MPG lol. Glad to hear you've got a vRS and I really wanted an Octavia but couldn't quite stretch to the asking price, you lucky sod haha! :)

I also agree about the seller too as ideally I'd like to buy one from an enthusiast that hasn't been played around with really! I also love the blob eye shape too but as I'm only 28 with 4 years no claims I thought an older version may be better due to insurance etc!

Again, thank you for the advice and good luck with finding a nice STI! Let me know if you grab one as I'd love to see some pictures etc!

Take it easy!!! :)

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welcome, as anove should be able to pick up an sti for around that money.


One word fo advice, stay well clear of vliecs performance/prestige. they have been buying up alot that have been for sale private but you dont wanna deal with them.

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You're welcome, I've spent around 2 and half months now researching, getting back into the swing of things. Joining this forum and the local guys in my area have been very welcoming. I have learnt alot and given time you will find the right car.


My preference is 03-05 blobeye, I'd look for a standard car with good history upon which to build into my own but a modded one to a degree I would accept but not as a reason to pay more money as you dont get it back. I am choosing the STi as my budget allows, I accept the fuel economy and the comfort over the classic which is more raw but weights less as a consolation. P1's are far to expensive I've concluded, one of the guys have a Silver Classic turbo 2000 and its very nice, goes well too, look for dyno prints if its mapped, and study it as his had amazing throttle response and low end torque.


This is my opinion, I choose to ignore a certain couple of traders who regularly advertise on my piston heads, many cars they have for cheap/fair prices but I have read many things about them. You must make your own choice on who you trust.


I rattle on...good luck

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