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Remote Central Locking Issue after Changing Door Panels


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Hi I have a uk 2000 classic shape Subaru Impreza turbo Saloon on a V Reg


I've have changed all the door panels on my Subaru, like for like off similar model age and spec.


Before changing the panels the remote central locking worked absolutely fine.


The car has the standard factory alarm/immobiliser remote central locking system (blue remote fob with one button for lock/unlock)


Now the when using the remote the car will attempt to lock but then the locks bounce and the car remains unlocked. The alarm/immobiliser however will be set.


However if the key is used in the door  lock the car will fully lock and unlock as normal.


Does anyone have ideas why the locks are bouncing on the fob but not on the key??


Any help much appreciated!



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From what I remember from an older impreza I had, the central locking arm is seperate from the manual door lock arm. I had an issue where the drivers door wouldn't lock because the arm had come loose but the door lock would work fine. As said, something may be stuck or twisted inside preventing the arm from fully moving and rather than burning the motor out the module resets it

Will it unlock with remote after being manually locked?

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Don't know if you've got the same issue but The wiring was different between my old 97 UK turbo to my 94 jdm sti so I had to switch over the bit of loom that goes from inside the "b" post too the door switch .

I'm not sure if was the jdm to uk or year's that changed though but I was lucky enough to have both cars so mixed n matched them to work.

Maybe try refit the old drivers door card to see if it works ?

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