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Just bought a 99 wrx first Subaru


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Hello everyone

I've recently bought my first subaru a 99 wrx in blue and i love it.

I've been really lucky to find one well looked after and with really low miles for the year 56000.

The car had a greedy boost control fitted, cat back japspeed exhaust system,hks induction kit, bailey dump valve.

Everything in the car works as it should.

The body work is in good shape other than a bit of rust bubbling at the back of the rear arches with I'll have to get sorted.

I've changed the oil and filter and fitted a new alternator belt and plan to change the gear oil and timing belt soon too any advise of anything else I should check would be much appreciated too.

The only problem I'm having with the car is that it idles bad when it's warm i was made aware of the problem when I bought the car and the previous owner has changed the airflow metre and cam sensor to try and fix the problem but the problem is still there.

It will cut out the odd time when I brake hard for a junction which isn't good so I need to get to the bottom of the problem if anyone one has any ideas on this.

I might try get the car pluged into a diagnostic computer this wk and see what it shows up hopefully something simple enough.

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Welcome to the club!

A friend of mine has a hawk eye and had the same issue. He found it was related to the dump valve. Because the brakes use some boost pressure when decelerating and the dump valve was faulty causing the engine cut out.

Do you have a spare dump valve or standard recirc to try out?

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Welcome to the club :). I assume when you say gear oil, you mean the diff oil too? If not, that's worth doing.

When your timing belt is done, in my opinion, you may as well get the water pump changed.

Idle air control valve might be worth looking at, may a bit sticky and need a clean or just adjusting slightly. Simple enough to do, warm the car up, undo the two screws on top of it and it will twist slightly, one way will turn the idle up, the other down.

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