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Hello All


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Hi All,


I just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Connor and I live in Coventry. I own a 2008 Subaru Impreza RX Hatchback which is my first car and I love it. Unfortunately due to being young (19) and insurance being so much I could not afford to get a WRX but it is a great car for for my first. 


I have had it nearly a year now and I would appreciate some advice on things I could do to improve the car until I can afford to upgrade.


thanks :) 

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Hello & welcome, what kind of stuff are you looking at doing ? Power wise there's not much point trying to eat out any more, you'd be better off looking at handling and braking if you wnat to be able to go faster, if your really obsessive you could go for some weight reduction

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Have a look at anti roll bars and droplinks for the rear and a set of droplinks for the front, the oem ones are rubbish and the car does benifit from aftermarket stronger ones, that and some lowering springs will deffo be an improvment,

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Wotcha and welcome - currently running an RX hatch myself - the rollbars and bushes etc is a good call. Wheels just watch for the PCD STI ones are 114 the RX is 100 but there is plenty of choice still.


I am looking at spacers for mine as the alloys I have are 17 inch running 205 rubber but they seem to be sitting inside the arch too much for my liking - that way you dont need to buy super wide alloys and save a little each time buying new tyres.


- this is purely opinion but I would look at a hi flow panel filter instead of a full induction kit and then go for a less restrictive exhaust - the power gains are not going to be huge but at least the engine will breathe easier.


Also we found a distinct difference with the fuel used - much better mpg and engine response using Shell vpower and BP ultra vs tesco super.


The brakes I think are really good but would benefit from an improved initial bite so a grooved disc would help there plus braided hoses.


Along with the rollbars you might want to consider a top mount strut brace upfront - help give increased feel.


feel free to start a project thread to keep us posted of your changes (keep a camera handy ;) )

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