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Hi from Aberdeenshire STI Pearl White


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Wotcha and welcome - do love a hatch me - although as Tidgy has mentioned it is not a Cossie Ltd edition - thats not to say it may have some cosworth goodies added by previous owner.


Still a great car in its own right though :)

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Hi, welcome.


I've seen the car FS before.


The seats are normal MY11 seats that have cosworth stickers on them.


I think the car is originally from Stan Palmers.


If you get hold of Rob84 on ScoobyNet, I think he's worked on the car up at Stan Palmers.

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that's not a CS400 Cosworth car. .. only were 75 made... and would cost you about £30k now


The Fs listing on PH says *Cosworth Extras*


It looks to have a Cosworth rear boot spoiler (just above the number plate)

Side skirts look to be the HTautos set (like on my car, but there is also the rear spats too .


What I would do is get the VIN number/Reg and ring subaru up and see if there has been any warranty claims with the car. Also ring the previous garages its been in for service etc.





SEATS: they are normal MY11-14 seats (also on the 330s and Euro spec cars)

these are the cosworth seats 



interior looks like this too


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