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RX Auto Hatch 08


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Some more modest mods but it means I can keep all the stuff in one place :)


initial change was PIAA windscreen blades


next was a set of Conti sport contact 3's


Today was sorting the lamps


High beam before and after


Like for like
















Reverse light











Fog light











The camera kept auto filtering for the new lamps so it may not come across but the reverse light is a massive improvement as are the side lights - these have a domed lens over the LED giving a great light throw.

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Looks a bit easier to fit those then on some newage and they seem to have made quite a difference [emoji106]

Classic ones are easy to get to so I've got no excuse why my 21 yr old headlights are like fooking candles [emoji39]

Best have a squint for some headlight bulbs methinks [emoji6]

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I did that the first time on my last hatch but I was being a bit of a Jessie and it was too cold to be rolling around on the floor ☺

Are they HB3's on a classic as I have realised I ordered the wrong ones so will be getting some more shortly (even brighter ☺) so these ones will be surplus to requirement

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20mm H&R spacers fitted - just sets it off nicely I think - checked fitment front and rear then had the single pair I purchased on the, ill get a pair delivered for the front this week.

Rear before


and after



Front before


and after


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45 minutes ago, stants said:

Look good Jay any problems in fitting ? Thinking about maybe spacing mine so I can fit 4pots at some point be cheaper than new rims.

Who's is the integra in the reflection ?

Thanks - no issues fitting - straight forward, as I will be doing the other pair later this week :rolleyes: ill take couple of extra shots


The Integra is the lad next door - the aim is when I get some boost back in my life ill take him out try and give him a different perspective :biggrin: but its a tidy vehicle, he spends a lot of time maintaining etc


Hadnt looked at the reflection - thinking now I should go and rinse all the snow foam away :blush:

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Changing the exhaust - not many listed for this motor being an NA so after quite a few weeks researching took a punt on one for a WRX - S, turbo but single exhaust outlet. Opted for the Cobra one as full stainless, good price point and not too loud.

Turns out it is compatible.

There is a single difference and this is the donut gasket between cat section and main system. The WRX S has a larger bore pipe so the inner diameter of the donut supplied by Cobra is 66mm where the RX is 60mm - the outside diameters are the same so if you can get away with the gasket not disintegrating (mine did) a bit of exhaust gum and you can reuse.

If not eBay can get you a replacement







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This is great mate thanks and gives me a lead for my 2010 RX - I will start a thread for mine when I get the time - busy at work, run up to Christmas. I will come back to you for part sources / references like those spacers at some point. 

I got my white pearlescent paint J37 from a trade source in Scarborough whilst over in England last week  - 3 stage, needs to be decent auto-shop quality to do a proper job and requires compressor / gun. I will put that in my thread when I get going because you wont find this paint in a can or on eBay (if you do it will be !Removed!). 

Quick pic, Legacy on the right is 2006 RE Estate with extra HP (163 off the 2.0 NASP) and still only 43K - great car, had it 5 years now. Lovely driving down through France to Spain one time - air con, cruise etc.


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Finally managed to source some replacement centre caps - both options from Subaru did not fit - Quite pleased at that as the one option were £22 each for a piece of plastic.

The wheels are Borbet alloys supplied as dealer options so I pinged Borbet directly - German company and will only ship to a German address, fortunately I am working over there and had the opportunity to get them shipped to the hotel. €6 each so a lot less than Subaru options and a proper fit. Only compromise no Subaru logo but I can live with that





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