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Big improvement time BHP


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going to be a long one so thanks for reading if you get through it , So I've recently came into some money , 1000 to be exact and of course i want to spent it all on my car 


At the moment i have a classic 94 which is running 230BHP due to the turbo being turned down since I've had it but I do have a printout from the previous owner for 271BHP 


I currently have these mods done:

3 inch cone induction kit 

3 inch decatted exhuast stainless steal from the turbo back 

RCM fuel pump

front mounted intercooler 


fuel injectors if someone could recommend what type to go for that would be great


The big one is the ecu i was told when i bought the car it had been remapped to 271bhp but is there a way to check i have a mappable ecu as it all looks pretty standard on first looks 


Finally as i am based down south but live up north i wouldn't mind have an adjustable map so i can have a kind of eco mode for the 6 hour drive home then a fun full power mode for when I'm home is this possible ???


With a remap I'm hoping to be on above 300bhp ?


let me know what you think if you managed to get through it all , cheers 



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The standard injectors for a 94 would be grey 380's which are good for 280hp ish . So you'd need some yellow 440's which are good for 340 hp . Yellows come in different phases .....

Phase 1 or 1.5 are a direct fit

Phase 2's will require "phase adapters " about £40 including new "o"rings.

It will need a remap straight after fitting the injectors but you can limp it off boost to the mappers if needs be but don't drive it unless you have to.

The ecu is under a kick plate underneath the passenger carpet. if the casing looks standard the only way to tell if it's got a esl mappable daughter board is to unplug it and remove the outer casing.

You'll see the daughter board ,like this


If not you'll have to replace the current ecu with a mappable option .

Your standard turbo will be a tdo5 16g good for 340hp (cams and mods pending)

You don't necessarily need to have duel maps just a thorough map . This will include mapping at different throttle positions so half throttle will be set for less fuel while off boost

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