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Correct way to Install gauges


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I have been lucky enough to receive oil temp, oil pressure and boost gauges from Santa for my 2003 blobeye wrx. I will be hones and say I have no idea when it comes to fitting and wiring these in.I have read there are different ways of fitting the two oil gauges. Some recommend a sandwich plate, some recommend using oem connections?

Anyone got any suggestions which way is best. Also, if anyone knows someone who could either help or fit these for me preferably either in the Leeds area or not too far from Leeds.

Many thanks

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I've got boost and oil pressure, the easiest way I found was to install the oil pressure in the oe location (under alternator) with a t piece so you retain the oe switch. The boost gauge I tee'd into the dump valve vacuum although people say it should go directly into the fannymould for a more accurate reading it works fine for me. The oil temp can go into the block where there is a galley plug under the intercooler. post-4189-145114057601_thumb.jpg

I took the power feeds for the gauges from behind the clock and made a loom and wrapped it in tape to protect it and blend in under the dash to my pillar podpost-4189-145114081105_thumb.jpg

Hope this helps!

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You will need to buy adapters for the oil sensors. These can be had for roughly £30. The job itself is pretty simple but be warned, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the oil adapters. The thread is soft and they will be under high pressure. Wrap a bit of ptfe tape around them. I made the mistake and didn't do that first time so had to take them back out and refit.


This is the T piece under the alternator.


My gauge.


Size difference. Sensor on left adapter on right.

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Ok mate well I'm back in Tuesday, and at a family do tomorrow so if we make a plan for sometime next week ?

Do you have all the adaptors etc that ghost mentioned in post above ? If not If you want to meet up to look see what you need before ordering, i work in centre of town have loads of room and free parking

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I have a centre 3 gauge pod to replace the clock unit. Here's the pod and gauges


They are pro gauges, all smoked. Temp and pressure have sweeping action. Boost is mechanical. Had really good reviews. Self calibrating.

Yep. Managed to get the cooler hose fitted after a bit of a faf.

Is there anything else I need.

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