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Oil consumption


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Evening all :smile: just a quick question for all you guys that work on scooby's alot. My recent purchase of a 2005 wrx 2.0 turbo has had a bit of engine work looking at it Mods that is.she has 100k on the ej20 engine with service history to back the engine up. My trip from essex to pick her up is about 600 miles round Trip. When checking car over all levels are spot on. Bit of a weep from one of the rocker covers but thats it. Upon checking today the oil is now below minimum. So maybe 750 miles since i got her the oil has gone from max to below min. no major leaks like i said apart from one rocker cover ever so slightly weeping. No blue smoke. My question is to you chaps is do these engines use a lot of oil when this sort of age and millage ? The weekend im going to do a compression test and inspect turbo for leakage. My other question is do the pcv valves block up on these engines ? Cheers chaps

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hiya, maybe a sticky PCV valve ( positive crankcase ventilation) . I had the same on my Outback on a trip to England, lost all in 700 miles, then hasn't lost a drop in 3 months. look up PCV it might be one thing to eliminate and may only cost around thirty quid. good luck, Alan in Belfast.

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Some oil usage is fine. A bit of extra lubrication for the pistons. Your's does sound a bit much though Grease. So if it is the PCV valve, where does the oil go?


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