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I have just put a deposit down on a JDM WRX import. Hopefully collecting it this weekend.

I have read alot of the buying tips threads and there is some great info. Doe anyone have any tips on JDM specific checks?

Besides the minimal extra insurance, indicator on the wrong side and £200 extra tax, I'm struggling to see any cons of a JDM. Please feel free to point them out.

Here is a pic of my last car which i sold for a house but couldn't take driving a gutless 1.0 ltr corsa any more so bought this WRX as a treat to myself.

If anyone has any warnings on this car please let me know . I spent alot of time on the 350zUK forum so i look forward to meeting you all and attending meets.

Ps I'm located in Essex / Leicester



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Happy days mate ! You get a few extra goodies with jdm usually the only other things to check are that the jap de reg certificates are all present and correct, if it's been under sealed properly, the arches are not rusty, & if your lucky it's already been remapped for uk fuel,

there's a site you can check the odometer readings at the time of export, I forget the name though.

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