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You will get all sorts of differing views on dash cams. People say they are bad because people are non stop reporting others for wanky driving etc. Long and short I'd rather have one if needed than not have one and loose an insurance claim etc. 

I have them in my cars, £14 off eBay and a 32gb card to fit. Work brilliantly, auto start on ignition and turn off, does what it says on the tin.  Super duper 

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Well worth having. I'm not one for reporting !Removed! driving but it's there if there's an accident or to catch any "moments" 😁😁 I have quite a few clip's saved for giggles though. More Audi and BMW's than anything else believe it or not.

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On 16/06/2016 at 7:35 PM, Greenmamba said:

Wouldn't consider not having one - have 2 now, one watching forward, one checking back. That one, since I got rear-ended at the traffic lights, 2 weeks after buying the car!

camera mounting1.jpg

Ambarella! Same as I have in mine & the wifes cars. does yours have the option to log the speed as well?

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