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New owner and new here


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Hi all just joined the forums

Got myself a V5 type R inbound from the land of the rising sun will be here in 2 weeks time been a tense few months finding it buying it then waiting for it to make the slow trip over. Boat is currently in Turkey

I got the keys and all the paperwork for it 2 weeks ago






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Wotcha and welcome - do want a type r myself so quite the little green eyed monster on my shoulder :wub:.

Has it had any mods completed - are you planning any yourself?

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As for modifications its got some

Basic exhaust ,induction , BOV ETc

Blitz suspension,

Recaro seats,

Ecu ( which will need looking at when it gets here) not sure if its remappable .

Mechanical 2 way lsd


Few other bits and pieces but will need to go over it when it gets here

As for any planned by myself

New ECU if needed for safe mapping rather than power. I would be happy with 300 Bhp

Then get it registered and on the road.

Will see what i want to do after that if anything but im more than happy to spend money on getting it running correctly over huge power gains


Oh and change the terrible gear stick surrond it has


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You will definately see it coming.

Hoping to have it fully registered by end of July to get to a few shows, Original plan was to have it ready for Japshow on 10th July but not going to be registered in time so will possibly take it up on a trailer as the map will be checked etc and run it on the 1/4 mile will look for a 13s run see what breaks and fix it for the next show


Are you guys having a stand at Japshow?

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