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Hi all


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Afternoon peeps, picked up my first scooby the other day. Im absolutely blown away :biggrin:

A low mileage, L reg JDM WRX Wagon in silver, as far as i can tell its completely bog standard.  Its got one or two things that may need doing in the next few months mechanically, the body work is good, a bit rough in places, but overall im really happy.

Thought i would join a forum for information and rather than just cruising through would stop and say hi.

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Thank you! I think its awesome, i love the look of older cars, ive no idea why? My child hood maybe, early golfs and escorts razzing around past my house on the rallies :biggrin:

Once ive driven it for a while and got the feel of it and sorted the brake binding out and something with the clutch (researching at the moment), there are a couple of things i would possibly like to do. 

It has a pea shooter exhaust and i dont hear any burble, thinking a prodrive back box, cosworth flat panel airfilter in the standard air box.

New head unit and speakers.

Sort some messy touch up paint marks in the wrong colour silver, there is also some rough paint on the spoilers.

Clear indicators, and change the rear lights to sti, also done something to the front lights, the beam is very spreadout.

 Possibly add front, rear and side skirts

The biggest thing though is the short ratio gear box.  I either pootle around at 50mph at 2500rpm or i do 60mph on boost at 3000rpm with it eager to increase :biggrin:

I know its expensive to add the 6 speed £1500 someone said, so i was thinking going up a size to 16inch or 17inch alloy wheels, get something light but hopefully be able to do 60mph at under 3000 rpm.

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Nice clean looking early classic [emoji41]

Bigger wheels might help a bit but you'd probably be better off fitting a 5 speed box and rear diff with a uk 3. 54 (longer) ratio if you want to do less rpm on the carriage way.

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Cheers Jay, ill start a thread in the impreza or build section once ive got the adjustment period over and done with.
Yeah the 6 speed gear box mod would be too expensive to do unless you manage to get hold of a box and diff extremely cheap! I would be hard pressed to fit it myself with very limited knowledge, minimal tools and soon no second car so would have to pay a mechanic to do it for me.

Do UK 5 speed boxes go much cheaper? I imagine there are more of them around??  I will prob check eBay at some point for a rough guideline.

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