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Hi folks. Just saying hello. I am new to all this. Got my first Scooby few weeks ago. Blob eye 53 reg WRX turbo PPP. Full prodrive upgrade including bodykit, OZ gold rims, spoiler, stickers etc. Lovely car. 115000 miles, drives very nice. Had It checked over, no taps, knocks etc. Probably need a new clutch soon, is it worth getting an uprated clutch? Anymore info on what to look out for on these etc, would be greatly appreciated. I use minimum 97 RON when filling up, is this OK? First choice will be Shell Super Unleaded or Tesco 99. :-)

Cheers guys.

Picture below.


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Welcome. Clutch depends on mods or future mods. Exedy blue box are oem and iirc good for 300ftlb or there is the pink box which are good for 350ftlb. Common issue for your year seems to be top mounts on the rear shocks. These turbos do favour the high octane fuel and if it has been remapped you will need to stick to the fuel it was mapped for.

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Thanks dude :-)

OK, will either go for the Exedy standard or uprated. I think torque atm is 250ftlb. Last time I filled up was Tesco few days ago, the 99. Seems ok, don't know If I get more miles though haha. I can only seem to manage 200-250 miles to a tank anyway, balanced driving. What about engine oil? I serviced my car when I got it, oils etc. Changed oil & filter, I put Millers CFS 10w40 Fully Synthetic 5 litres. Apparently very good oil. I was going to put 5w40 but someone said as its done 115000 miles, probably be better to put slightly thicker oil in...


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Lol I gave up with any sort of economy figures.  With my primary now boosting to just over a bar and short journeys it's not worth checking. 

10w40 will be fine esp for summer but most would use 5w40 for all year round. Millers is good stuff! 

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