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New and proud


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just want to say hi 

Iv finally got myself a Subaru version 5 uk2000

330bhp fully modified 

I'm new to these cars so don't really know a lot about them at the min. 

Would be great to here from someone with the same model or any model 

I'm just so pleased that I finally got a Subaru been waiting years 



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No probs pal, i've got myself a classic impreza jdm theres pics of it somewhere in the site only got ot back in april mostly standard apart from hks de cat from turbo back a bailleys dv and an apexi air filter its go's well but saving up for a remap at the moment 

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Yeh mine is all ready modified 

remapped and dyno print at 330.08bhp 

i will get pics soon Iv only had it 2 days now still hasn't sunk in been waiting 7 years to get one 

so happy right now I just want to drive all day lol 


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Cars main specs 


VF29 IHI Hybrid turbo
•    ECUTEK Mapped ECU 330 Bhp – Dyno 
•    GT SPEC III exhaust headers
•    Haywood and Scott up pipe
•    DE-CAT 3” downpipe
•    JAPSPEED mid pipe 2.5”
•    Ninja back box 4”
•    Lateral Performance Phase 2 Injectors
•    Walbro 225 fuel pump
•    SFS Intake pipe
•    STI Silicone water hoses
•    Front mount intercooler
•    Blue silicone vacuum pipes
•    Magnacor red HT leads
•    HKS mushroom air filter
•    STI Carbon strut brace
•    Viper Performance Intercooler pipe
•    Malpassi Fuel pressure regulator 


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I'll try get better pics soon 

of the complete car and under the hood 

very clean and looked after 

there's a few dints but for a 16 year old car u cannot expect it to be new 

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It's probably champagne silver being a v5/v6 , mines a earlier jdm in 406 silver but it's got black rims and skirts / splitter .

Which is close enough hence the bias [emoji4]

And the last line is a "signature" on tapatalk that sort of sums up my aproach to my car [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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1 minute ago, GeoffLeggy said:

Nice colour, sounds like mine, or at least when it was built! lol. 

Mines a Legacy sequential twin turbo jobby.

Just about everything you need is on here somewhere.  

Nice 👍

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Sorry for the late reply been busy with the kids and work good to see some pics of your car looks really tidy and the mods are very tasty. To answer your previous question i'm up in the scottish borders in a wee place called selkirk hoping to get to at least a couple of meets down your way next year once i've got the scoob the way i want it :rolleyes:

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