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Clifford Alarm issue :S


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So i have a clifford alarm fitted to my classic its a 650 mk 2 if that matters. So my door light has always been abit sketchy blinking on and off when everything appears closed and lately the door light is constantly on! i think this is making my clifford system think there is a door open. Is this a case of swapping out the door sensors for new ones? it cant be the bonnet because there is no sensor for that and the boot is all good aswell. 


Anyone have any ideas?



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here is the manual (i think)

ill have a good read through it later to see if i can pick some sort of troubleshooting guide in there.

i feel your pain my laserline alarm system was causing the same problem of randomly going off, turns out the ultrasonic sensors wer faulty and a disconection of this sorted the issue, which has now been fixed with a new set of sensors!

keep me filled in !

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Cheers for that I've had a good look through it and cant tell what it could be people keep telling me its warning me the Battery is going but its under a year old and whenever i check it says its healthy , i am wondering if i take it to a clifford dealer would they charge to look at it as it was fitted by some random guy who held a clifford certificate so i suppose it wasn't fitted by one of there workshops

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