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How to make manual shifter look like an automatic


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I want to know how can you make your manual shifter look like an automatic shifter?  I just had a clutch assembly replaced in the transmission  £300 so you can see why I won't got out expense to replace it with an automatic gearbox. 

Any ideas would be great.



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Well the easiest way would probably be to swap the knob to an auto one (how you'd achieve this I've no idea) but you may also need to swap the actual shifter rod to an auto for the knob to fit...

That would be working on the premise the selector rod would still operate correctly as the linkage is completely different between auto and manual ...

Dare I ask why you'd like to do this? I've known people to convert manual to auto but not the other way around

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Reason why I ask this is because I have a automatic drivers licence only but my car is manual. Now I could do 2 things 1st is to replace the transmission to an automatic or 2nd request a new license but that means resetting a test which would also cost more money. 


I had this car for 3 yrs it's a pride and joy to have. I would prefer to do this cheapest way possible. It's incase ever getting stopped by the (police) they won't hint what type I'm driving. 

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The police can check if it's a manual gearbox with the registration. If they doubt you they could ask you to show them at which point your gig is up. Then they'll probably throw the book at you including insurance fraud.

That option is far more expensive than resitting your test so I'd advise to go get it booked.

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