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After advice


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Evening, I am looking for advice. I am looking to buy a Subaru, Impreza 2.5 WRX STI. 

I am curious to know if there are any issues or what I should look out for. 

The expenses an services. 

I have a focus ST 2010 model, I am looking for something more practical as mine is 3 an looking at 5dr. 

Hole someone can give me advice so I can compar the cars. Thank you 

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Wotcha and welcome.

Not owned or driven an ST so cannot help there but with the 2.5 lump there have been failures due to piston ringland cracking on standard pistons, more so I believe on the later hatchs and saloons - not sure about the hawkeye saloon?

look for service history and aftermarket remap - a rebuild with forged pistons completed will mean no failure.

I owned an 08 Hatch with PPP pack and thought it was cracking - given the opportunity I would put in a quicker steering rack, stiffer ARB on rear and a suspension kit that would lower the front end by 20mm (Litchfield kit)

This would sharpen and firm things up for an even better driving experience without being overkill


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